A35 – Open – 15 cubic metres of concrete later

This final message from Highways England


The A35 westbound (towards Dorchester) is now reopen between the A31 at Bere Regis and the A35 at Stinsford roundabout following extensive repair works by Highways England.

 Drivers heading westbound were unable to use the road following the emergence of a large surface defect and safety concerns.

 But following a successful programme of repair work, the road has been able to open ahead of schedule, with motorists able to use the road from 0800hrs this morning.

 The repair work involved detailed survey and design work, before 15 cubic metres of foam concrete was poured into the defect on the carriageway.

 Once cured, the top surface of the road was re-laid using low carbon asphalt which sets quicker, before road markings and studs were reinstated.

 During the closure, Highways England also undertook various other work including litter collection, a drainage clearance and survey, as well as a structural inspection, further reducing the need for future closures.

 We would like to thank our colleagues at Dorset Council for helping with the diversion route, assisting residents, and providing some of the road crews, thus enabling us to remove the closure at the earliest possible time.

 Highways England apologises for any inconvenience caused as a result of the closure.

A35 Diversion – Is the end in sight?

This message received from Balfour Beatty this morning:


We apologies for any inconvenience caused by these emergency works and thank you for your patience and understanding.

The closure and diversion that is used is that agreed by Dorset Council, Highways England, Connect and ourselves.

We are pleased to say that every effort has been made to accelerate to works and it is hoped that the Day time Road closure will be removed before rush hour on Thursday morning.

Diversion of westbound traffic from the A35 through Broadmayne

This message from Dorset Highways

Following a sink hole opening on the A35 westbound trunk road at Troy Town yesterday evening which you may have seen images of in local media, we met virtually with Highways England this morning to get an understanding of the situation and it is clear that the repair and reconstruction could be lengthy. Ground and investigation works will start today to identify the cause of the deterioration before reconstruction works can start. The current emergency closure introduced by Dorset Police at Troy Town on the grounds of public safety initially, forces traffic to take an unsuitable diversion and so the formal traffic management plan for a closure in this area, will be implemented today.

We have agreed with Highways England to instigate the strategic closure and signed diversion onto county roads which will take effect as follows:

  • Main A35 westbound carriageway at Bere Regis (Shell Roundabout) – closed
  • All westbound on-slips at junctions between Bere Regis and Troy Town – closed
  • Diversion for all A35 westbound traffic via Bere Regis – Rye Hill – Tout Hill (past Monkey World) – A352 Wool to Max Gate – rejoin A35 at Dorchester (east)

Dorset Council will work to identify any activities on the diversion route that are likely to cause disruption and manage the impact on diverted traffic. Highways England will work with their contractors and construction teams. Both Dorset Highways and Highways England will converse with one another regularly whilst the incident is ongoing.

There is no impact on the A35 eastbound between Dorchester and Bere Regis. As alluded to previously, there is no clear timeline for the works, however we’ll update as new information becomes available.

IMPORTANT CHANGE – Emergency Coordinator

Please make a note of this important change

After a very hectic and demanding time Aly Carroll has decided that this is the moment to hand over the role of COMMUNITY EMERGENCY RESPONSE COORDINATOR.
The Parish Council and the whole community owe Aly a huge vote of thanks for all she has done to pull together the CERT and all the wonderful volunteers who have helped get the village through this pandemic.
When we set up the Emergency Plan, none of us could have imagined how vital it would be and what a huge task Aly had taken on. Broadmayne was one of the few parishes who were already prepared for such an emergency and Aly was heavily involved from the start and continued to man the phone throughout, allocating help with diligence and dedication.
She certainly deserves a rest!

A new coordinator and new contact numbers

At its meeting on the 6th May, the Parish Council was delighted to be able to appoint Kevin Denham as our new Coordinator. Kevin has ideal experience and has been involved during the pandemic as the CERT’s Prescription Team Leader.

Should the need arise, Kevin should be contacted on 01305 854483 or 07810 658310

Community Emergency Response Team

Although the COVID-19 emergency situation seems to be coming under control, volunteers from the team are still available, willing, and able to assist anyone who is self- isolating or has to self-isolate in the future. Volunteers can collect shopping for you, collect medication, walk your dog, chat on the phone, almost whatever you need they can assist with. Our Zone Team Leaders are still in place and you may contact them or Kevin will be happy to take your call and organise some assistance for you.