Changes to lateral flow testing

COVID-19 cases rose again last week across both Dorset Council areas
and Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council areas
and COVID-19 hospital admissions continue to rise.

Changes to lateral flow testing

There has been a change to when you should take your lateral flow test. In England, you should take a rapid lateral flow test:

if you will be in a high risk situation that day

before you visit people who are at higher risk of severe illness if they get COVID

You are at higher risk of catching or passing on COVID when: 

in crowded and enclosed spaces

there is limited fresh air

More information about rapid lateral flow tests.

Broadmead Field Plans – Update

The following letter is being delivered to all houses in Broadmayne on behalf of the Parish Council.

On this version all the links to further information are active should you wish to follow them up.

Dear Resident,

Update on the proposed development of the land adjacent to Broadmead, and issues to think about now.

You are probably aware that Southern Strategic Land (SSL) is working on a planning application to build on the field alongside Broadmead.

SSL held an open consultation on 1st October which was attended by around 240 people. They have made the exhibited material from that day available on the internet at  However, we gather that, partly in response to feedback from that event, some of their plans are changing and we await the detail in the application.  Any updates provided to the Parish Council are reported in the minutes and published on this website. See the Parish Council tab and “Minutes” or, for the last set “Draft minutes”.

STOP PRESS – In the last few days we have learned that SSL intends to apply to have a temporary “haul road” across the field which would later become the “Country Park”, to give construction traffic access during the build phase without the need to drive through the village.

SSL is likely to make an “outline application” which means that many details will not be decided at this stage, such as the layout, the density, and the design of the development. However, if permission were granted, certain principles will be decided including the scale of the development, and probably any off site plans for roads, footways, etc..

Material planning considerations

Following is a list of factors that planners consider “material planning considerations” and a list of those that are not. We already know some of the concerns that have been expressed and would like to encourage you to think about your position on some of the major ones. For example:

  • The land in question is outside Broadmayne’s Development Boundary. Does this, in itself, concern you or not? To see the boundary follow this link: and select Broadmayne and West Knighton from the ‘select a settlement ‘ drop down menu.
  • Would the scale of the development (80-90 homes) have a significantly detrimental effect on the village or not? This could be in terms of visual amenity, residential amenity, effect on the environment.
  • Would the number of extra vehicular movements be problematic or not? SSL will have to convince Dorset Highways that they can mitigate problems of extra vehicles joining the A352 at the already problematic junctions.

There are many more aspects of this proposal and you may find the following information about applications useful:

Planning Portal re Outline applications:

Planning Portal re Material considerations (a fuller list):

The currently adopted Local Plan:


Material Planning Considerations Not Material
Visual amenity Property values
Residential amenity Loss of personal view
Traffic generation & Transportation Moral objections/applicant’s motives
Adequacy of parking/loading/turning Disruption during construction
Inadequate road access/highway safety
Increase to flood risk
Layout/density/design/visual appearance
Nature conservation/ecological habitats
Previous planning decisions (including appeal decisions)
Dorset Council’s Local Plan


Implications for Broadmayne First School

The Parish Council has made contact with the Head Teacher of Broadmayne First School to discuss the implication of the proposed development on the school roll.  We understand that the school could accommodate more children now and in the future without restricting families within its defined catchment area.

What happens next?

Dorset Council, the Local Planning Authority, will make the decision on the application and will only consult on the plans after the application has been formally submitted.  Once the application is advertised and we can see what is being proposed, we will have only a limited time to respond and at that stage the Parish Council intends to circulate a questionnaire to all households in the village so that we hear as many views as possible to help us to formulate our response.  Of course, it will also be possible for individuals to respond directly to Dorset Council.  Some of you will have reasons to object to the plans and some will want to support the potential for affordable housing, but it is important that we hear from you all, whatever your views, to help us with formulating our eventual response.


Please save your comments for our questionnaire which will be circulated once an application has been submitted.

Scammers are very clever – Help is at hand

As our Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, Paul Whittaker is anxious to help us all to be aware of potential scams and has trained as a SCAMchampion. Here is a message from him.

Hi all,
Working together with Neighbourhood Watch, Trading Standards are running training sessions through a “Friends Against Scams” scheme – generating awareness of what could be a scam.
Did you know that 52% of all reported crimes in the UK are fraud related, and that it is believed a significant amount of fraud crime goes unreported as people often feel embarrassed that they’ve been a victim?
I have recently completed training as a SCAM Champion, so that I can help other people to more easily be able to spot a potential scam and what to do if you suspect someone is trying to scam you or you believe you may have been a victim – certificates attached.
I would encourage you all to view the video on this link and to share with your family and friends:
Scammers are very clever and I know people who are very intelligent who have become victims – it can happen to anyone!
I would be interested to see if there would be any interest in a community session to share more information.  Please let me know if this would be of interest,
Kind regards,

Help Dorset Libraries Shape Up to the Future

Whether you use them or not, the Dorset Library Service would like to hear from you about what you would like them to offer in the future. This is their message:


  • On Monday 25th October Dorset Council launched a public consultation to inform how we develop and deliver our library service in the future, the campaign is called #LetsTalkLibraries consultation – Dorset Council. This initial consultation period will be a conversation with our communities to better understand what they need from the service, now and in the future. We are particularly keen to explore what might encourage a non-library user to use our services in the future. This information will help us to update our Library Strategy, which is currently 11 years old.
  • We want to hear from library users and non-users of all ages, to find out what they like, what they don’t like and what would encourage them to use the library service in future. This is an exciting time, and we encourage everyone to have their say!

To allow us to capture views from a wider range of stakeholders. We have designed 2 public surveys.

    1. Children’s survey for 5-15 year olds
    2. Public survey (for 16+yrs). This survey is split into a library user and non user.

Click here to take part in their survey (this will open in a new tab)

Action Fraud’s Cyber Crime Survey


Fraud and cyber crime are the most common criminal offences in the UK. Analysis of Action Fraud reports showed that 86% of frauds had a cyber element to them. As the threat from cyber crime continues to grow and evolve, it’s important to remember one thing – most of it can be prevented. By following just a few practical steps, you can make it harder for cyber criminals to get into your devices and online accounts.

In order to better understand what steps you are already taking to stay secure online, we would be grateful if you would please complete the short survey we have created. Your answers will help us to determine what areas of online security we need to focus on over the coming months.

Please note:

  • The survey is completely anonymous and we don’t ask you for any personal information.
  • Survey answers will not be shared with any third parties.

Survey link –

Thank you for helping us improve our response to fraud and cyber crime in the UK.

Kind regards

Action Fraud Team