Helping Ukrainian Refugees

Can you offer – are you offering – help to homeless Ukrainian Refugees?

We know of a couple of Broadmayne households which have offered to take in Ukrainian refugees but there may be more.

It therefore seems to be a good idea if efforts were to be coordinated so that those taking part can keep in touch, support and learn from each other.

To that end, Sue Hawkins (Broadmayne resident) has done some research and is suggesting a way forward.

  1. The first step, for anyone wanting to host a family, is to register on the government website This registers your interest but does not link you with a Ukrainian family.  The following link to a Dorset Council site shows you the types of things you should consider prior to registering your interest
  2. The second step is to register yourself with an organisation that links Ukrainian families to you.  Help and Kindness is an organisation within Dorset that is collating  relevant information regarding the Ukrainian crisis in Dorset and they suggest using RESET to make your offer to host refugees They will then ensure the proper checks take place and link you to an appropriate family.

We then feel it would be beneficial for all local residents to keep in touch with each other about what they are offering and to update each other as anything is heard or progress is made. Sue has said she is happy to co-ordinate this and set up an e mail group and spreadsheet  for the sharing of data. Initially this data could be:

  • Name & E mail address
  • Have you registered with the Government website?
  • Have you registered with RESET or another linking website – if so which one?
  • How many refugees are you willing to house?
  • Any other information you may have.

Then, once the data is collated, Sue is happy to approach Help and Kindness, RESET and Dorset County to inform them that there is a group of residents within the village willing to work together. Coordination would help as there must be Ukrainian family groups etc. that would benefit from being in a close proximity to each other but are too large to be in one home.

If you are interested in working in this way please e mail Sue directly with the information requested.

Finally if you know of anyone else who may be interested please let them know about this initiative.

Land Adjacent to Broadmead – Revised Plans

SSL have submitted revised plans for the land adjacent to Broadmead. More details and useful links can be found on our special page about these applications. Click here.

These revised plans will be open for comment on the DC Planning website until the 21st May and will be discussed at Broadmayne’s Parish Council meeting on the 9th May.



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