Broadmead Plans – Contacting Dorset Council

Planning applications – Land Adjacent to Broadmead

Thank you to the 22% of households who returned  the Parish Council’s questionnaire. You helped to inform our discussions.

We need to point out that we are not passing on any of your written submissions to the Dorset Council; who, as the Planning Authority, will determine the applications.

If you want to make comments on the applications for the planners to consider you need to do so either directly through DC’s website or by email.

If you use the comments button on the website you should receive an acknowledgement of your submission and your address should appear on the list of Consultees and your document on the list of documents. If this doesn’t happen you should send your comments by email to . Failing that you can contact Jenny Williams – Technical Support Officer, Development Services. On 01305 838110.

1 thought on “Broadmead Plans – Contacting Dorset Council”

  1. Just to confirm concerns from the parish meeting, re the planning website, and peoples comments ‘disappearing into the ether’.
    After the meeting I checked and mine had not been included. A further attempt failed last night and fortunately I’d kept a copy offline.
    Whilst compiling an email tonight in order to send as an attachment, I thought I’d try a last time, and it worked!
    Shortly after I received the automated response which I hadn’t previously.
    If you are unsure, as I was, check on the website under ‘Consultees’ where you will hopefully see a record of your entry. Don’t let your views be ignored!


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