Campaign for a Rural Strategy

On the 1st March, the Rural Services Network launched a campaign calling on the Government to develop a Rural Strategy.

“Rural Communities are frequently overlooked in a policy environment dominated by urban thinking and policy concerns. This often means communities either miss out on the benefits, or experience unintended consequences, from policies which are poorly thought-through from a rural perspective. It is time for this ‘rural mainstreaming’ to stop. People living in our towns and villages simply cannot afford to wait any longer for politicians to take their concerns seriously and act on them” said Rural Services Network chief executive, Graham Biggs.

“If rural communities are to be sustainable, the Government must seize this opportunity to work with communities to produce a long-term, funded, rural strategy which recognises the contribution rural areas make, and have the potential to make, to the wellbeing and prosperity of the nation as a whole”

The Rural Services Network is asking people to support this call and to sign up to support their campaign.

Click here to go to their sign-up page

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