Appeal for Scrubs makers from Chris Loder MP

As a new MP, this period is a fast learning curve; to understand what it really means to serve your nation, but particularly our community here in West Dorset. It is very clear to me now that, whilst we need to stay at home, we also need to no longer ‘think’ of what we can do to help – the time has come for clear action.

The Government is doing all it can, and I think it is doing well, but even the Government’s ‘bandwidth’ is only so wide. I believe now that it is at full capacity, not least with the provision of personal protective equipment
(PPE) to our doctors and nurses. So on this day that Her Majesty addresses the nation, I also have to make an appeal to you.

The number of Coronavirus cases in Dorset is now growing quite considerably.
Our community hospital in Bridport is bearing the brunt of this so far, with Dorchester not far behind and Sherborne being on standby. We have hotels that have been converted to be makeshift field hospitals and schools and colleges have now provided emergency accommodation for key healthcare workers, such as at Kingston Maurward College. This truly is a war-time effort.

However, I am growing increasingly concerned about the availability of personal protective equipment for our doctors and nurses and I believe it is now time for us to do all that we can to help – directly. So today, I am asking you if you are able to help in any way with either providing material or helping to make ‘scrubs’ (lightweight protective clothing) for our local hospitals. The demand for these is now so considerable that I fear we cannot wait any longer.

If you can help with either providing fabric, or if you have the skill to help make these straightforward garments for frontline staff, please click my link to complete my online form or email me at to let me know as soon as you can.

With my very best wishes