Update on Delivering Medication

Advice for Volunteers who may be delivering medicines

  • ring the doorbell or knock on the door
  • step back and remain at the recommended distance of 2 metres (approx. 3 steps)
  • the volunteer will need to confirm the name and address with the person answering the door, to make sure it is the right house and right person
  • normally when medicines are delivered the recipient would be asked to sign for their delivery. This must not happen as part of this procedure, but the volunteer will need to ask the person answering the door who they are, so a note can be made of who accepted the medicines.
  • the medicines should not be handed directly to the person but instead ask them to step away and the medicines should be placed on the doorstep. If the person would struggle to reach the doorstep then identify a suitable place e.g. window sill by the door.
  • medicines must not be posted through letter boxes or just left outside the house
  • the volunteer should use hand sanitiser after completing the delivery
  • volunteers should not accept waste medicines or sharps boxes.
  • volunteers should agree with their pharmacy a return procedure for meds which cannot be delivered ( e.g. the door is not opened to them)
  • volunteers will need to carry a simple register to record the name of the person receiving the medicine.
  • volunteers should not offer advice or help the person take the medicine but ask the person to call the pharmacy if they have any queries.