Disposable nappies contaminate recycling.

Don’t try to recycle disposable nappies.

A recent survey shows that over 1 million people (parents, grandparents, carers) are putting disposable nappies in with their recycling. Contamination means that the load has to be treated as as rubbish and sent for treatment, at a greater expense to the council and the taxpayer.

Dorset Council is partnering with Keep Britain Tidy in a two pronged campaign:

      1. To get people to put disposable nappies into their waste bin

      2. To encourage the use of reusable nappies

About seven million used disposable nappies are thrown away every year in Dorset. Sending them to landfill presently costs council taxpayers around £600,000 per year.

Using reusable nappies is cheaper. One pack of disposable nappies per week for up to two and a half years can cost over £1,000 per child. Alternatively, using washable ones can make you a saving of over £600 and they can be reused for subsequent children. Many companies recognise that the initial outlay for the nappies is expensive and allow you to pay for the nappies in instalments.

Dorset Council has an incentive scheme worth £30 to get families started.

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