Diversion of westbound traffic from the A35 through Broadmayne

This message from Dorset Highways

Following a sink hole opening on the A35 westbound trunk road at Troy Town yesterday evening which you may have seen images of in local media, we met virtually with Highways England this morning to get an understanding of the situation and it is clear that the repair and reconstruction could be lengthy. Ground and investigation works will start today to identify the cause of the deterioration before reconstruction works can start. The current emergency closure introduced by Dorset Police at Troy Town on the grounds of public safety initially, forces traffic to take an unsuitable diversion and so the formal traffic management plan for a closure in this area, will be implemented today.

We have agreed with Highways England to instigate the strategic closure and signed diversion onto county roads which will take effect as follows:

  • Main A35 westbound carriageway at Bere Regis (Shell Roundabout) – closed
  • All westbound on-slips at junctions between Bere Regis and Troy Town – closed
  • Diversion for all A35 westbound traffic via Bere Regis – Rye Hill – Tout Hill (past Monkey World) – A352 Wool to Max Gate – rejoin A35 at Dorchester (east)

Dorset Council will work to identify any activities on the diversion route that are likely to cause disruption and manage the impact on diverted traffic. Highways England will work with their contractors and construction teams. Both Dorset Highways and Highways England will converse with one another regularly whilst the incident is ongoing.

There is no impact on the A35 eastbound between Dorchester and Bere Regis. As alluded to previously, there is no clear timeline for the works, however we’ll update as new information becomes available.

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