Fibre Broadband

Although you may have seen Openreach engineers preparing for the introduction of fibre broadband to the village, there are still some people who have yet to pledge their vouchers and this will slow down the build.

This project is financed through the pledging of vouchers – If you haven’t done so yet please pledge now

If you are unsure of the process, please contact Geraint James Openreach’s Rural Engagement Manager or our FTTP champion Paul Whittaker

We were told some time ago that a benefit of pledging now is that Openreach will guarantee that anyone who pledges their voucher as part of this scheme will be connected to the network at no additional cost, no matter how far their property is from the network or despite any specific difficulties that may be experienced in connecting an individual property.  However, people wishing to connect to the FTTP network later may find themselves facing additional costs.