Parish Council

About the Parish Council

The Parish Council usually meets every month unless there are urgent matters requiring attention. Meetings take place in the Methodist Church Hall. The Agenda is posted on the Agenda page approximately one week before the meeting. The Agenda is also put on all four village notice boards.

Members of the Parish Council....

Mrs Sam Toogood, Vice Chairman; Appeals Committee; representative on Broadmayne Playing Fields Association
Mr Steve Diamond, Chairman; Staffing Committee; Complaints Committee; Planning Group; representative on DAPTC central area committee
Mr David Eaglestone, Staffing Committee; Complaints Committee; Planning Group
Mr Peter Lamb,
Prof. Chris Griffith, Planning Group

Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer, Dr Janet B Davis, Conygar Lodge, Conygar, Broadmayne, Dorchester, Dorset DT2 8LX 01305 854483

For the latest news of the Council's activities, see the Last Meeting Minutes

If you would like to contact the council we are not able to use email due to the webmasters email address having a virus.

Local Government

Broadmayne is within the West Dorset District and Dorset County Councils' area.

The link below to the "Dorset For You" website has now replaced the websites of Dorset County Council and West Dorset District Council.

Dorset For .

Register of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

The list of disclosable pecuniary interests that the members of Broadmayne Parish Council have given notice of to the Monitoring Officer of West Dorset District Council, as required by section 30 of the Localism Act 2011, and as required by the Councils own Code of Conduct, can be found by following one of the links to the left.
The list will open in a separate page.

Information available from Broadmayne Parish Council under the Model Publication Scheme adopted at Council 1 December 2008

(Costs are listed at the end)

Class 1 – Who we are and what we do
Who’s who on the Council and Groups Hard copy from Clerk

Contact details for Parish Clerk
and Council members Hard copy from Clerk

Accessibility details
Hard copy from Clerk

Staffing Structure
Only employee is Clerk

Class 2 What we spend and how we spend it

Current and previous financial year Hard copy from Clerk

Annual return form and report by
auditor Hard copy from Clerk

Finalised budget Hard copy from Clerk

Precept Hard copy from Clerk

Financial Standing Orders and Hard copy from Clerk

Grants given and received Hard copy from clerk

List of current contracts awarded
and value Hard copy from Clerk

Class 3 – What our priorities are
and how we are doing

Parish Plan Hard copy from Clerk

Annual Report to Parish Meeting Hard copy from Clerk

Class 4 How we make decisions

Calendar of meetings
Hard copy from Clerk

Agendas of Meetings
Hard copy from Clerk

Minutes of Meetings
Hard copy from Clerk
Reports presented to Council meetings Hard copy from Clerk

Responses to consultation papers Hard copy from Clerk

Responses to planning applications Hard copy from Clerk

Class 5 – Our policies and procedures
Policies and procedures for conduct
of council business including Code
of Conduct, Standing Orders and
Financial Regulations Hard copy from Clerk

Grievance procedure Hard copy from Clerk

Disciplinary Procedure Hard copy from Clerk

Complaints procedure Hard copy from Clerk

Equal Opportunities Hard copy from Clerk

Class 6 – Lists and Registers
Assets register Hard copy from Clerk

Class 7 – The services we offer
Allotments Hard copy from Clerk

Village Seats Hard copy from Clerk

Additional Information
Grant application form Hard copy from Clerk

£2 for the first single-sided A4 sheet of each request. 50p for each subsequent item. Where copies are mailed, an additional £2 plus appropriate postage. The Chairman is authorised to waive any fee if it is considered appropriate. For research requests requiring more than the mandatory nominal £450, an hourly rate of £25 will apply – this figure to be subject to review.

Parish Clerk