Broadmayne and West Knighton W.I.

Report of the recent Meeting of the Broadmayne and West Knighton WI

Broadmayne and West Knighton W.I. – report of the December 2017 Meeting

If it’s December at the WI, then it’s party time! And we had a wonderful evening to round off our year. We started off with the briefest of business meetings – who wants to deal with business when we are ready to have a good time? And then following grace said by our most welcome guest, Brenda Stephenson, we enjoyed our usual Christmas supper of turkey, ham, salads, jacket potatoes, vegetarian pies and Indian bhajis – followed by a variety of puddings made by the members themselves. And what a glorious selection there was. From chocolate mousse to lemon tart, pavlova to fruit salad, all accompanied by cream. And virtually no calories whatsoever!

Our silver cup, traditionally awarded to the member who has made a significant contribution to our WI over the past year, was presented to Wendy for her untiring commitment and support.

Following this we were entertained by Wendy and her troupe with a very amusing sketch based on some forlorn efforts to keep fit and beautiful. Then we sang traditional Christmas Carols accompanied by Brenda on the piano. (You’ve got to have carols, haven’t you?) Whilst in the party and festive spirit we departed somewhat from the traditional role expected of WI members. Although we are supposed to be upright and well-behaved members of the community, we are nevertheless able to let our hair down and have a jolly good time. This was proved during our “Pass the Parcel” with some testing forfeits. “Imitate a sumo wrestler” and “Explain gravity” were two of the tricky ones, while “lay an egg” and “talk about pigs for one minute” were others. It was noted that the parcel was passed faster and faster! Then finally, the last forfeit was to lead the members in the Hokey Cokey! No wonder we drew the curtains! It was a rousing end to a lovely evening spent with friends and having a jolly good time.

We shall all look forward to meeting up again in January, meanwhile on behalf of all the members of Broadmayne and West Knighton WI, we wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Barbara Seeby

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Meetings on the second Thursday of the month in the Village Hall at 7pm. (Look out for the posters around the village.) Hope to see you there!



11th January "The WI Resolutions"
Have Your Say

8th February "Chinese New Year Celebrations"

9th March "Nepal"
with Ian Williamson

12th April "Petra"
with Chris Shaw

10th May "Wildlife Gardening"
with Briony Baxter of Dorset Wildlife Trust

Our monthly meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month in Broadmayne Village Hall at 7pm.

We have a trading stall each month for members to sell their produce.
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We have a number of other monthly activities which we enjoy:

Walks 1st Tuesday 10am
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Lunches 1st Tuesday 12:00 (after the walk)
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Craft Group 4th Wednesday 2pm (Winter)
Contact Julia Sheffield 852058

Garden Group 4th Wednesday 2pm (Summer)
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Girls Night Out 3rd Tuesday 7pm
Contact Leri Ayre 457176

We welcome visitors and new members, and if you would like more information please contact Leri on 457176.

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Our W.I. was reformed in 1953. It is a friendly W.I. and currently has 56 members.
Our monthly meetings on the 2nd Thursday of each month are held in the Village Hall Broadmayne at 7.00pm.
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We have a Trading Stall every month for the sale of produce and other items.

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