Land Adjacent to Broadmead

April 2022 update

SSL have submitted revised plans to Dorset Council. In a covering letter they say that they are responding to comments from landscape and urban design officers. The headline is that the changes involve a reduction in the number of proposed houses from 90 to 80 with a resultant reduction in density. There are also significant changes to the row of properties fronting Broadmead. The covering letter details all the changes involved.

Click here for a link to SSL’s covering letter

For the updated plans follow the link below to Dorset Council’s website and scroll to the bottom of the Documents list.

These revised plans will be open for comment on the DC Planning website until the 11th May and will be discussed at Broadmayne’s Parish Council meeting on the 9th May.

Dorset Council have now registered two planning applications relating to the proposed development on the land adjacent to Broadmead.

These are their descriptions, reference numbers, and links to the online planning site:
(On the planning website you may have to scroll down to agree terms & conditions before you can see the application)

  1.  Development of up to 90 residential dwellings, together with open space, allotments and enhanced drainage features (outline application to determine access only) – P/OUT/2021/05309 Planning application: P/OUT/2021/05309 – (
  2. Change of use of agricultural land to Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) and temporary formation of a construction haul road – P/FUL/2021/05255 Planning application: P/FUL/2021/05255 – (

Because of the holiday period over Christmas and New Year, the Parish Council has been granted an extension to the consultation period so that the applications can be discussed at the next council meeting on the 10th January. Comments are now due by the 17th January. Meanwhile the Parish Council, and volunteers, are in the process distributing a questionnaire to all Broadmayne households as councillors feel that it is important that they understand the views of as wide a selection of residents as possible.

Click here to download a copy of the Parish Council’s letter and questionnaire. 

There is no substitute for reading all the documentation, but there is a lot of it. Here are a few, hopefully helpful, shortcuts:

On the 1st October Southern Strategic Land (the applicants) held a public consultation in the Village Hall, this is a link to their presentation material

Since then SSL have made some changes to their proposals. Here are excerpts from the minutes of the Parish Council’s October meeting and two subsequent meetings at which updates were presented by the chairman:


Minute 21/111 (b) Other planning matters
Proposed planning application for housing on land adjacent to Broadmead Following on from the public information event held in the village hall on 1 October, the Chairman invited members of the public to speak about the plans. There was a wide-ranging discussion, particular concerns expressed included the adequacy of the road network and junctions to support both construction traffic and extra residents’ movements, the number of houses which were planned including the percentage of affordable housing, the loss of agricultural land, drainage and infrastructure issues, pressure on village facilities, and the long-term security of the country park area from future development. The Chairman assured the meeting that the parish council was listening to the views of residents before forming a view on the proposal, and said that he would try to get a copy of the feedback on the session from the developers.


Minute 21/121 (c)  Other planning matters
Proposed planning application for housing on land adjacent to Broadmead  The Chairman gave an update on progress which included the following points: the application had yet to be submitted; members of the Parish Council had met with SSL’s highways consultant on site:  he had indicated that consideration was being given to improving the Rectory Road/A352 junction, improvements for pedestrians on Rectory Road, and Chalky Road near the A352 junction, and the pinch-points for drivers on the Chalky Road approach to the A352.  It was understood from SSL that as a result of the public meeting and the subsequent responses, they were considering a shift towards more one and two bedroom houses but that would mean a likely increase in the total number of houses.  SSL had indicated that a further mailing to all residents was planned to explain how the plans were developing.  The Chairman said that he was planning to meet the head teacher of Broadmayne First School to discuss the situation regarding school numbers.  He also said that the Parish Council was planning an update mailing to residents to explain the issues which Dorset Council would be able to take into account in determining the application.  Once the planning application was available, the Parish Council intended to send a questionnaire to residents to try to better understand public opinion on the proposal.  On opening up the discussion to the floor, concerns were expressed about the potential increased use of Bramble Drove to reach the A352, which is already severely eroded by rain water and unauthorised use, and about the volume of additional traffic likely to use Chalky Road and Rectory Road.


Minute 21/133 (b)  Other planning matters
Proposed planning applications for housing on land adjacent to Broadmead  The Chairman reported that SSL had held a further meeting with the Parish Council to explain progress with the preparation of the planning application.  The key issues to emerge from the meeting were that (i) the applications would be submitted to Dorset Council within the next two weeks; (ii) SSL was proposing to send a newsletter to residents shortly; (iii) there would be two applications:  one seeking planning permission for up to 90 residential dwellings, together with open space, allotments and enhanced drainage features (outline application to determine access only) and a second seeking planning permission for  change of use of agricultural land to a Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) and temporary formation of a construction haul road in the field to the north of the development; (iv) 33% of the houses would be affordable and as a result of comments made at the consultation there would be more smaller houses; (v) the buildings adjacent to Broadmead itself would be predominantly bungalows; (vi) whilst the initial application would only seek to establish the site access, it would set parameters against which Dorset Council would have to judge the future detailed plans; (vii) the outline application would specifically seek to address issues relating to the use of Bramble Drove, the Rectory Road/A352 junction and pedestrian access on Chalky Road and Rectory Road; (viii) the developers would shortly be carrying out an archaeological  trenching exercise on the main field (this was required by the Dorset Council archaeologist).  The Chairman further reported that the head teacher of Broadmayne First School had indicated that the school had the capacity to accommodate more pupils and that any children resident in Broadmayne would have priority over those from further afield.  He also said that once the planning applications were available, the Parish Council would be sending out a survey to residents in order to ascertain the views of the community.

This is a link to a letter circulated to all Broadmayne households by the Parish Council in November it contains useful links to background material

Here is an update document that SSL say will be delivered to all households soon to explain the changes, it is included in their planning application in a “Statement of Community Involvement”: (this is a link to a sharper version)

What happens next:

  • All residents should respond to the Parish Council’s questionnaire, which is being circulated
  • Residents with strong views should also pass comments directly to Dorset Council via the planning website
  • Provided our request for an extended consultation period is agreed, the application will be discussed at the Parish Council meeting on January the 10th
  • The Parish Council will prepare and submit its response
  • The designated planning officer will prepare his report and recommendations and, in all likelihood, the applications will be considered by the Planning Committee