Members of Broadmayne Parish Council

About the Parish Council

The Parish Council usually meets on the first Monday of every month. Meetings take place in the Methodist Church Hall at 7:30pm. The Agenda is posted on the Agenda page of this website approximately one week before the meeting. The Agenda is also put on all four village notice boards.

Members of the Parish Council….

Mr Steve Diamond, Chairman; Staffing Committee; Complaints Committee; Planning Group; representative on DAPTC central area committee; Webmaster. Tel: 01305 852285

Mrs Sam Toogood, Vice Chairman; Appeals Committee; Complaints Committee; representative on Broadmayne Playing Fields Association; representative on DAPTC central area committee. Tel: 01305 852791

Mr Peter Lamb, Appeals Committee; Complaints Committee; Planning Group, representative on Village Hall Management Committee; Environmental Officer. Tel: 01305 851988

Mr Richard Macer-Wright, Staffing Committee; Planning Group, Rural Transport, Flood Warden. Tel: 01305 853671

Mr Colin Lawley, Appeals Committee, Tel: 01305 319420

Mr Paul Whittaker, Home Watch Coordinator, Tel: 07493 074814

Ms. Karen Ellis, Tel: 07917 123305


Dr Janet B Davis, Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer; Rights of Way Officer.
Conygar Lodge,
01305 854483


Other appointments:

Ancient Monuments, Mr Robin Walls                       }   {
Allotment Watch, Dr Kevin Denham                         }   {
SID Coordinator, Mr David Eaglestone                     }   { Please contact through the clerk or a Councillor
AED (Defibrillator) Coordinator, Mr Phil Marriott }  {
Deputy Flood Warden, My Barry Eason                    }  {
Community Emergency Coordinator, Mr Kevin Denham Tel:  Click this link to the Emergency Plan


Dorset Council Councillor (for the ward of Winterborne and Broadmayne)

Mr Roland Tarr, Tel: 07543 288636 Email: