• Is it time that residents had more say in how Broadmayne develops?
  • Are you concerned about the sustainability of its community and its facilities?
  • Do you have views about the style and type of housing that we need?
  • Are you anxious about the future of rural transport?
  • Is Dorset Council too large and remote to fully understand Broadmayne’s needs?


Many communities have concluded that developing and adopting a


is the way to establish some control of the sustainable development of their environment. Dorset Council supports these initiatives and says “Neighbourhood planning is about giving local people a say over what new buildings will look like, where they will be built, and the confidence that they will have the support to cope with the demands of new development.


If you answered YES to any of the above questions you should read more about Neighbourhood Planning on the Dorset Council website.

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Having a Neighbourhood Plan is becoming an increasingly important tool for a community interested in managing its future and thus is a very worthwhile project. Achieving it is no mean feat and needs to be led by a small team of enthusiastic residents. COULD YOU BE ONE OF THEM? This is not something on which the Parish Council can embark alone.

To express an interest, contact or Tel: 852285