Parish Council Elections – Your chance to work for your community

On 2nd May elections will take place for members of Broadmayne Parish Council.

Are you ready to help the village meet the challenge of the new local government structure and the potential for more local responsibilities leading to more local achievements?

This is your opportunity to get involved.

If you would like to consider offering your services, any of our councillors would be happy to discuss the role with you. We can also lend you a copy of “The Good Councillor’s Guide” which will explain the position in more detail.

To be nominated for the election you need to be over 18 and satisfy one of a few possible conditions, mainly about living or working in the parish – all these can be explained to you if you are interested.

Being a Parish Councillor is a very valuable way of serving the community – rewarding, if sometimes frustrating, you should consider it.

You can find more information about standing as a candidate for election to a parish by clicking here for the Electoral Commission website

If you would like to be nominated for election as a Parish Councillor you will need to Download a nomination pack by clicking here

Completed nomination papers can be submitted to the Returning Officer at any time from Monday 18 March 2019 up to the deadline of 4pm on Wednesday 3 April 2019. These must be delivered by hand and cannot be accepted if they arrive in the post. The Returning Officer’s team will be operating an appointments system at South Walks House to receive nomination papers, you should call 01305 838299 from Friday 1 March 2019 to book an appointment.

Election Timetable


  • Notice of Election published – 15th March    Click here to open the formal Notice of Election
  • Nomination papers submitted – 18th March to 3rd April
  • Statement of persons nominated published – 4th April
  • Notice of Poll published – 24th April
  • Polling Day – 2nd May
  • The count for Parish Councils – 4th May

NB If no more than 7 valid nominations for Broadmayne PC are received, this would be declared an “uncontested election” and a notice to that effect would be published on 4th April.