Cllrs S Diamond, C Griffith, P Lamb, C Lawley, P Marriott, R Macer-Wright and S Toogood.

In attendance

Dr J Davis (Clerk), Dorset Cllr Tarr, and three members of the public.

Before the meeting commenced the Chairman made a tribute to the life and work of HRH The Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh who had died on 9 April.  A minute’s silence was held in his memory.

Apologies for absence


There were none.

Declarations of Interest and requests for dispensations


There were none.

Minutes of meeting held on 1 March 2021 


The minutes of the meeting held on 1 March 2021 were approved as a correct record. They would be signed in due course.

Planning and Tree Matters


22 Chalky Road          It had been drawn to the Parish Council’s attention that the roadside hedge at this property had been removed during development works at the site.  This appeared to be contrary to condition 4 of the relevant planning permission (WD/D/19/002015) which required that “The trees and hedges along the south-east elevation to Chalky Road shall be retained at the height as displayed on drawing number 453/29 so as to adequately screen the proposal.”  This matter had been referred to the planning authority, although it was noted that the condition also specified that “Should the trees/hedge be damaged or removed then they shall be replaced within the next available planting season with species of a height and size agreed with the local planning authority and retained in perpetuity”.  It was further noted that some replacement planting had already taken place and that this appeared to be closer to the road than the original hedge line, possibly encroaching on to the highway verge.  It was agreed that this should be raised with the enforcement team and also with highways officers.          



(a) Dorset Cllr Tarr reported that there would be a full Dorset Council meeting on 15 April.  His own priority at the moment was supporting work on the proposed shared-use route between Broadmayne and Dorchester.
(b) Cllr Toogood reported that all facilities on the playing field were now open for use and that much use was being made of them.  She also reported that some groups which normally met in the hall were using the playing field for their activities until such time as they were able to meet in the hall.
(c) The Chairman reported that the hall was being re-opened gradually, in line with the lifting of relevant restrictions.
(d)  Cllr Lamb had attended a climate change briefing.

Financial Matters


(a) The Clerk had prepared the April financial statement, showing the receipts and payments since the last meeting.   It was proposed by Cllr Marriott, seconded by Cllr Toogood, and RESOLVED to approve the following payments:

Payments already made

water2business (allotment water bill)                                                              £  36.13

Mr Gutteridge (allotment deposit refund)                                                        £  50.00

Wessex Grounds Services (4th quarter grounds work)                                  £991.50

Steve Diamond (refund of Zoom fee)                                                              £  14.39

Payments to be made

SLCC subscription                                                                                           £130.00

Steve Diamond (refund of Zoom fee)                                                              £  14.39

(b) The Parish Council noted the insurance premium of £406.46 for the period 13 May 2021 to 12 May 2022.  It was proposed by Cllr Lamb, seconded by Cllr Griffith, and RESOLVED to make this payment.

(c)  The current asset register was noted.  It was proposed by Cllr Marriott, seconded by Cllr Toogood, and RESOLVED to approve the register.

(d)  The effectiveness of the internal auditor and the appointment of internal auditor for 2021-2022  Having considered the effectiveness of the internal auditor, it was proposed by the Chairman, seconded by Cllr Griffith, and RESOLVED to appoint Mr J Dickson as the Council’s internal auditor for the coming year.  Mr Dickson had said that he was willing to continue in post.

Shared-use route Broadmayne to Dorchester Working Group


Cllr Macer-Wright reported that negotiations with the second key landowner had yet to make progress and Dorset Cllr Tarr said that he hoped to have some discussions with the relevant farm manager shortly.  A further meeting with Dorset Council officers was scheduled for 28 April when it was hoped that there would be news on the crossing of the West Stafford bypass, and further consideration of the route through or round West Stafford.

Tadnoll Brook Springhead project


Cllr Macer-Wright reported that he was seeking pre-application advice from Dorset Council officers on the outline of the project (erection of a small headwall structure at the rising of the Tadnoll Brook, cleaning and regrading of the watercourse to enable a better flow adjacent to No’s 2 & 4 Knighton Lane and the provision of an information board).  It was hoped that the scheme could be sufficiently scoped by the end of May for the grant application to be prepared.  In parallel to this, the Chairman had made contact with the relevant landowner.

Annual Parish Meeting and Annual Report


The Chairman reported that due to the restrictions on meeting indoors, it would not be possible to hold the Annual Parish meeting before at least the 21st June. He suggested that consideration be given to holding the meeting in July.  In the meantime, he had started work on the Annual Report and he would circulate a draft for comment in due course.



(i)  Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Authority  Consultation on the draft Community Safety Plan 2021-24  The Clerk had prepared a brief response on this, based on Councillors’ comments.  Some additional comments were made at the meeting and the Clerk was asked to incorporate these and to circulate an amended response for approval.

(ii)        Local authority remote meetings: call for evidence (from Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government   In discussion Councillors expressed the view that whilst remote meetings should not replace face-to-face meetings, councils should have discretion to use the remote facility when appropriate. It was agreed that Councillors should send further comments on this to the Clerk who would prepare a response for consideration at a future meeting. Chris Loder MP had asked parish and town councils to send him their views on this issue as well.

(iii)       Message from Chris Loder MP about the proposal for a National Park in Dorset   Mr Loder had significant reservations about this proposal but he was seeking the views of parish councils within his constituency prior to the government making a decision on the designation of further national parks in England.  After a brief discussion in which mixed views on this proposal were expressed, it was agreed that Councillors would send comments on this to the Clerk who would prepare a response.

Other matters of report


(a) The Clerk reported on the following matters.

(i) Allotments.  All of the rents had been paid before the end of the financial year.  Owing to tenants relinquishing plots and people asking to be removed from the waiting list, the list stood at five persons.
(ii)  Caravan on the Ridgeway The Commercial Waste and Strategy team had taken on jurisdiction for this and had served an  abandoned vehicle notice, giving any owner further opportunity to claim it and remove it by 31 March.  It was still in situ but an officer had advised that it was on the lifting contractors list to be recovered although owing to an increased workload no time scale could be given.  The Clerk was asked to write again to stress that this was an important case because of its locality and the possibility of its presence attracting travellers to the site.
(iii) Stiles. Updates from the Area Warden on progress with the replacement of stiles with gates were awaited.
(iv) Dorset Council had published a S.19 Flood Investigation Report on the flooding incident in Broadmayne in August 2020.  This was now on the Dorset Council website. Some of the issues raised were already being addressed and the officer hoped to meet with representatives of the Parish Council once lock-down restrictions were lifted.
(v) Unauthorised advertisement, Chalky Road  A DC enforcement officer has attended the site and a letter was being sent to the owner requiring either a reduction in the size of the advert to Deemed Consent proportions or an application for  Express Consent.

(b) The Chairman reported:

That an area of land on the western side of Knighton Lane had recently been opened up, a caravan installed and an access point to the highway created.  Investigations indicated that the land in question was in private ownership and since the activity was unobtrusive no action was proposed.

(c) Councillors

Cllr Griffith asked if consideration could be given to the provision of an external table tennis table on the playing field.  Cllr Toogood said she would raise this with BPFA, although it had been considered before and space for it was now an issue.
He had also been contacted by a local resident about further power interruptions  (see minute 20/149(a)(ii)) raising a number of technical questions.  The Clerk would again write to SSE.
Cllr Macer-Wright reported that there had been a sewage discharge incident on the Tadnoll Brook which had arisen because of a blockage.  This had been reported to Wessex Water which had dealt with the problem.

Date of next meeting


After discussion it was agreed that the next meeting would be held on Thursday 6 May so that it could be held remotely. (The government had not extended the temporary provision allowing for the holding of remote meetings beyond 7 May 2021.)