MONDAY 13 MAY 2019

Present Cllrs S Diamond, C Griffith, P Lamb, P Marriott, R Macer-Wright, and S Toogood.

In attendance Dr J Davis (Clerk), Dorset Cllrs Roland Tarr and Nick Ireland (part only, to introduce Cllr Tarr to the Parish Council), and three members of the public.

Election of Chairman and signing of Declaration of Acceptance of Office
19/55 It was proposed by Cllr Toogood, seconded by Cllr Macer-Wright and RESOLVED to elect Cllr Diamond as Chairman. The Declaration of Acceptance of Office was signed.

Election of Vice-Chairman and signing of Declaration of Acceptance of Office
19/56 It was proposed by the Chairman, seconded by Cllr Lamb and RESOLVED to elect Cllr Toogood as Vice-Chairman.

Declarations of Acceptance of Office of newly-elected Councillors
19/57 All newly elected Councillors signed the acceptance of office.

Apologies for absence
19/58 There were none.

Declarations of Interest
19/59 There were none.

Minutes of meeting held on 1 April 2019
19/60 The minutes of the meeting held on 1 April 2019 were approved and signed as a correct record.

Appointment of Parish Representatives, Committees and Groups
19/61 Appointments were made as follows:

(a) Staffing Committee: The Chairman and Cllrs Griffith and Macer-Wright.
(b) Appeals Committee: Cllrs Toogood, Marriott and Lamb.
(c) Complaints Committee: The Chairman and Cllrs Toogood and Lamb.
(d) Planning Group: The Chairman and Cllrs Griffith, Marriott, and Macer-Wright.
(e) DAPTC Central Area Reps: The Chairman and Cllr Toogood.
(f) Village Hall Liaison: Cllr Lamb.
(g) Playing Fields Association: Cllr Toogood.
(h) Ancient Monuments: Mr Robin Walls.
(i) Rural Transport: No appointment made pending further investigation of the role.
(j) Rights of Way: Dr Janet Davis.
(k) Homewatch Coordinator: No appointment made pending possible incorporation of the role within the emergency plan.
(l) West Knighton Village Green: Dr Janet Davis.
(m) Allotment Watch: Dr Kevin Denham.
(n) Webmaster: The Chairman.
(o) Environmental Officer: Cllr. Lamb
(p) SID Coordinator: Mr David Eaglestone.
(q) Community Emergency Coordinator: Mrs Alyson Carroll.
(r) AED (Defibrillator Group): Cllr Marriott.

Co-option of Councillor to fill vacant seat
19/62 The Chairman reported that Mr Colin Lawley had expressed an interested in being co-opted on to the Parish Council to fill the vacant seat. He and Cllr Toogood had met with Mr Lawley and they recommended that he be invited to the next meeting of the Parish Council and formally co-opted. This was agreed.

Planning and Tree Matters
19/63 (a) Decisions and correspondence on previous applications

(i) The Old Stables, Osmington Drove: demolish existing conservatory and erect single storey oak framed rear-extension. The Parish Council noted that planning permission had been granted subject to three conditions.
(ii) 6 Conway Drive: erect rear extensions and alterations to include installation of rear dormer and raised terrace. The Parish Council noted that planning permission had been granted subject to two conditions.
(iii) Ten Acres, Conygar: demolition of existing dwellings and buildings and erection of two replacement dwellings. The Parish Council noted that planning permission had been granted subject to nine conditions.

(b) Consultations 56 Main Street: erection of porch. The Parish Council considered this application and had no objection to the proposal.

Public participation session

(i) A member of the public commented that the fly-tipping in Watergates Lane, reported at previous Parish Council meetings was rubble which had been left, some time ago, by builders working nearby; it was not deliberate fly tipping by unknown persons.
(ii) A member of the public expressed concern that the wild flower seeding around the changing rooms did not appear to have been successful. The Chairman said that this would be raised with Wessex Grounds Services.
(iii) A member of the public reported that the hedge line of the Magna owned woodland on Chalky Road to the north of the allotments needed cutting back due to road safety concerns. The Clerk would report this to Magna.

19/65 Dorset Cllr Tarr introduced himself to the meeting and expressed his desire to work with Parish Councils on issues such as the provision of cycle tracks and other paths which were vitally important to tourism and hence supported local businesses.
Cllr Toogood reported that the Playing Fields Association had been unsuccessful in its bid to ‘Pocket Parks Plus Funding’ for the refurbishment of the basketball practice area, but that further applications were in hand to the Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ scheme and the Dorchester Market Car Boot fund.

Financial Matters

(a) The Clerk had prepared the May financial statement, showing the receipts and payments since the last meeting. It was proposed by Cllr Toogood, seconded by Cllr Lamb, and RESOLVED to approve the following payments and account transfers, and the allocation to the reserves of unspent money under the budget heads election fees, environmental works and CIL money
Payments already made
Came & Company (insurance premium) £ 386.00
Payments to be made
Ace Office Environments (paper supply) £ 14.34
Ricoh (photocopier ‘click’ charge) £ 6.74
DAPTC (conference fee: Cllr Toogood attending) £ 70.00
Parish Magazine Printing (annual report) £ 75.00
DAPTC (annual subscription + LCR) £ 442.66
Spetisbury (retainer fee on village hall building works) £4564.19
Mrs Francis (refund of allotment rent and deposit) £ 70.50
Transfer between accounts
Main account to current account £3000.00
BRS account to current account £4564.19
(b) It was noted that, following further correspondence with Came and Company, and consultation with Cllr Lamb (see minute 19/47(c)), insurance cover had been purchased from Inspire/Axa, taking advantage of a three-year long term agreement, at a cost of £386.
(d) Following the retirement of Cllr Eaglestone, it was necessary to nominate a new cheque signatory. Cllr Marriott volunteered to be the replacement signatory. The Clerk would arrange for the necessary paperwork to be completed.

New seats
19/67 A report from the Clerk, setting out prospective sites and models was noted. After discussion the Clerk was instructed to proceed with the purchase of two new seats from Green Scheme Solutions, one to be installed on the grass verge in Knighton Lane, north of Spring Gardens and the other outside the village hall (the latter location to be subject to approval by the Village Hall Management Committee and the Playing Fields Association).

Hall and playing field project
19/68 The Chairman reported that the builders had virtually cleared the snagging list for the hall extension and that he would shortly be able to release the retained monies. He also reported that he and the Vice Chairman had been giving consideration to the possible uses of the remaining money in the project account. They were carrying out informal investigations into the provision of additional parking spaces in the vicinity of the hall and playing field. If initial advice indicated that the project was viable, he sought support for the principle of making a planning application for the proposal and for taking further professional advice. This was agreed.

Proposed D-Day memorial in Broadmayne
19/69 The Chairman reported that Broadmayne World War Two Society was proceeding with the installation of the information boards and memorial on the Parish Council owned land between the children’s play area and Chalky Road. It was hoped that a ceremony to dedicate the memorial would take place at the beginning of June to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

Annual Parish Meeting: 20 May 2019
19/70 The Clerk reported that all arrangements were in place and that all invited speakers were aiming to attend. The annual report had been printed and delivered to all households in the village.

19/71 The Clerk reported that places had been booked for Cllr Marriott on the new councillors’ course, and for herself at the parish clerks seminar in September.

19/72 The following items of correspondence were noted, and any actions agreed as appropriate:

(i) From Dorset Community Action (DCA): invitation to join DCA Associate Scheme. It was proposed by the Chairman, seconded by Cllr Lamb and RESOLVED to join the Associate Scheme at a cost of £25 for a trial year.
(ii) From DWP: Fly-tipping on Watergates Lane. DWP was proposing no further action.
(iii) From Crossways Youth and Community Centre: fundraising appeal.
(iv) From Oneill Homer: Neighbourhood Planning.
(v) From Dorset Council: Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole and Dorset Mineral Sites Plan Modifications Consultation—Advanced Notice. The Clerk would examine the proposed modifications and suggest any necessary comments at the next Parish Council meeting.
(vi) From DAPTC: letter and form requesting information from the Chairman of DAPTC. The Clerk was asked to draft responses setting out the Parish Council’s work within the community, and any outstanding work which was being carried out by the former councils before their abolition.

Matters of Report

(a) The Clerk reported on the following matters
(i) Allotments A plot had become available following the death of one of the tenants and had been let to the next person on the waiting list.
(ii) Refurbishing main notice board She had met the contractor to consider this and the condition of the seats around the village. After discussing options for dealing with the seats, it was agreed that work on the notice board should proceed, but that further consideration should be given to dealing with the seats, including replacing rotting slats with recycled plastic slats rather than wood.
(iii) Travellers camped on the Ridgeway The arrival of travellers on the Ridgeway on 28 April had been reported to the Gypsy & Traveller Liaison Officer at Dorset Council. She was aware of the situation and it was being monitored. Councillors expressed concern about the impact of the camp within the AONB, and the length of time it had taken to deal with the previous encampment in 2017/18. Cllr Tarr said that he was aware of the situation and that he would be making a site visit shortly.
(b) The Chairman reported that it had been suggested to him that the source of the Tadnoll Brook at the bottom of Knighton Lane be marked in some physical way in the future; it was likely that this spring was the original water source for the village and thus the reason for the village’s location. This was noted.
(c) Cllr Marriott reported
(i) that vegetation on the bank on Knighton Lane south of Watergates Lane needed cutting back as it was a hazard to pedestrians, and
(ii) that Broadmayne Pre-School would be organising a fund-raising “Jumble trail” in the village in the near future and that the organisers wished to know if the Parish Council would have any concerns about such an event. The Chairman said that the Parish Council would have no objection.

Date of the next meeting
19/74 The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Monday 3 June 2019 at the Methodist Church Hall at 7.30 pm.