Minutes 1st February 2016

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting Held On Monday 1 February 2016 in the Methodist Church Hall, Broadmayne

Present Cllrs S Diamond, D Eaglestone, C Griffith, R Hatcher, K Jury and S Toogood.

In attendance Dr J Davis (Clerk), County Cllr A Canning, District Cllrs A Thacker and N Bundy and one member of the public.

Apologies for absence
16/11 There were none.

Declarations of Interest
16/12 There were none.

Minutes of meeting held on 4 January 2016
16/13 The minutes of the meeting held on 4 January 2016 were approved and signed as a correct record.

Planning and Tree Matters
16/14 (a) Decisions and correspondence on previous consultations The following matters were noted: (i) WD/D/15/000154: land opposite Martel Close, Chalky Road—residential development of up to five houses; section 106 undertaking. (ii) WD/D/15/001716: 28 Watergates Lane—replace wooden windows in conservatory with UPVC windows and replace conservatory roof with self-cleaning glass; planning permission granted subject to two standard conditions.
(b) Consultations (i) WD/D/15/002660: Roman Hill Trading Estate, Warmwell (neighbouring parish)—erection of two industrial units. The Parish Council resolved to object to this application on the following grounds: there is no evidence of a robust evaluation of the environmental impact of this development, there are concerns about the extra traffic which the additional buildings will generate at an awkward junction, and rainwater and other runoff from this site (at the top of a hill) flows in the direction of Broadmayne. The Parish Council also resolved to ask WDDC whether, in the event that the application was approved, it would be possible to place restrictions on night time business at the buildings. (c) Other planning matters (i) Land off Knighton Lane. The Chairman reported that he and Cllr Griffith had met the landowner and the architects working on revised plans for the site. This had been a positive meeting with the landowner keen to develop a proposal for the site which would have community approval. In particular, in making a new application they would be seeking the removal of the condition in the outline approval which required the dwellings to be sited along the road frontage of the site. The Chairman had met with neighbours of the site and explained the owner’s current intentions. (ii) Communication received by Chairman from a local resident about 18 Rectory Road. The Chairman reported that he had received a request that the Parish Council find out the costs of seeking a legal opinion on the situation at 18 Rectory Road, with a view to using this as a lever to taking the matter forward. Parish Councillors expressed great sympathy with the views expressed by the resident but did not think this would be an appropriate use of the Parish Council’s limited funds. District Cllr Bundy said that the Chairman of the WDDC Development Control Committee, Cllr Horsington, would be writing to the resident to explain that whilst enforcement action was not possible, the fact that the development was not in accordance with planning permission as granted would be recorded as a charge on the property. (iii) Lytchetts redevelopment: District Cllr Thacker said that it had been drawn to his attention that there had been no action so far on the provision of the new footway at the site, along Chalky Road. As this was a highways matter, County Cllr Canning would make enquiries, and the Clerk would also contact the developers to find out when this work was likely to be undertaken.

Public participation session
16/15 The Chairman of the Broadmayne WWII Society, Mr Stephen George, set out the plans for the D-Day commemorative events to be held in the village over the weekend of 17–19 June which included a tank and other armoured vehicle display, a 1940s fête, and a big band show. All money raised would be given to the Playing Fields Association. He hoped that the Parish Council and the entire village would support the event. The Clerk was asked to send Mr George a grant application form so that he could seek financial support from the Parish Council.

16/16 County Cllr Canning reported that Broadmayne scout group had been awarded a grant of £925 from the county council’s small community capital grants scheme for the purchase of equipment. He also reported on the temporary traffic regulation order which would place a 50 mph speed limit on the A352 between Dorchester and Broadmayne. This was a trial measure and speeds and accidents would be monitored so that its impact could be assessed. He finally reported on the additional budget cuts which the county council was considering because the level of grant from central government was lower than anticipated. These included further cuts to bus services which was the subject of a consultation (the 101 service was not affected at present). He said that it was clear that that the status quo for local government in Dorset was no longer an option and that re-organisation was inevitable. District Cllr Thacker said that he was pleased to note that DCC had now committed to resolving the problems on the West Stafford bypass before next winter. He reiterated County Cllr Canning’s comments about the cuts to budgets and local government re-organisation, adding that the complete merger of WDDC, Weymouth & Portland BC and North Dorset DC was now being considered. District Cllr Bundy said that seminars on the new Local Plan were being held this week, and he added that the plan would have to be reviewed within 5 years and that plans were in hand to do this. Cllr Toogood reported that the Playing Fields Association would be holding its AGM on 18 February: all were welcome to attend. The Chairman said that with the shop’s new management in place, the Broadmayne Community Shop Committee had wound up its activities, with all the share application funds returned to applicants. Cllr Jury reported that he and the Chairman had attended a meeting of the DAPTC central area committee at which there had been a presentation by the Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group, and a discussion about rural bus services.

Financial Matters
16/17 (a) Financial Statement The Clerk presented the January financial statement, and drew the Council’s attention to the receipts and payments since the last meeting. It was proposed by Cllr Toogood, seconded by Cllr Griffith, and RESOLVED to approve payments as follows:
Steve Hillman (3rd quarter grass cutting & allotment work) £395.00
Photocopier ‘click’ charge (Oct – Dec) £6.67
Clerk’s expenses and working at home allowance* £417.97
(*includes telephone calls, stationery, bus fares, stamps, e-mail address plus purchase of new laminator and payment to Victoria Installations for work on fitness trail (as per minute 15/102(c)).
(b) The Clerk reported that that the internal auditor has carried out the second audit of the year and had no matters to report. (c) The Parish Council noted a grant application for the sum of £1,004.00 from St. Martin’s PCC for maintenance of grave yard. Since the invoices had not yet been supplied it was agreed to defer a decision on this matter until the March meeting of the Parish Council. (d) Review of internal processes and safeguards It was agreed that Cllr Griffith would undertake an examination of the internal financial controls with the Clerk, prior to the March meeting (it was agreed at minute 12/35 that a different Councillor would do this each year).

Parish Plan
16/18 Cllr Hatcher reported that the traffic and road safety group had undertaken a survey of the main problem areas in the village and were preparing a report to take forward to the planned meeting with DCC officers.

Emergency Plan
16/19 The Chairman reported that this was out-of-date and in need of review. A new coordinator was also needed following the retirement of Ray Ferneyhough. Cllr Jury said that he would undertake the review and the Chairman would seek to find a new coordinator.

16/20 The following items of correspondence were noted, and any necessary actions agreed:
(i) From DCC: Highways maintenance plan. A copy of this would be circulated to Councillors.
(ii) From DCC: Speed Indicator Device (SID) programme. DCC had advised that Broadmayne would no longer be part of the SID Programme as the two deployment sites in the village did not meet the new ranking system. It was open to the Parish Council to purchase its own device. This issue would be taken on board by the traffic and road safety group.
(iii) From DCC: e-mails on the A352 speed limit changes. DCC officers did not intend to pursue the Parish Council’s suggestions of extending the present 30 mph limits either side of the village and of imposing a 50 mph limit to the east of the village. This too would be taken on board by the traffic and road safety group.
(iv) From DAPTC: invitation to annual conference on 3 March 2016. The Chairman would attend this.
(v) From Dorset Community Action: invitation to participate in Dorset Best Village competition. It was decided not to enter the competition in 2016, pending works on the hall and new equipment being installed in the play area.
(vi) From Broadmayne Methodist Church: invitation to participate in Festival of Crosses.
(vii) From DAPTC: notice of availability of latest version of Good Councillors Guide.
(viii) From NALC: The Queen’s 90th Birthday celebrations—lighting of beacons. It was considered that there were no suitable sites for a beacon but consideration would be given to another form of celebration such as a street party.

Matters of Report
16/21 (a) The Clerk reported as follows: (i) She had commenced work on a new edition of the Broadmayne Directory. (ii) Contact had now been made with the landowner over whose land part of the Broadmayne to Dorchester cycle track would run; it was hoped that this would lead to some progress in the matter. (b) Cllr Griffith reported that a caravan and vehicle had been parked on the ridgeway track at the top of Chalky Road for some considerable time. As this is a carriageway County Cllr Canning would investigate this.
Grass and hedge cutting contract: April 2016 onwards
16/22 It was resolved that in view of the commercial nature of this item the public be instructed to withdraw from the meeting. The Parish Council then considered a schedule comparing the five bids received. After discussion, a preferred candidate was identified and following a vote it was RESOLVED that this contractor should be offered the contract, a second choice was also identified in the event that the first contractor did not accept the offer. It was agreed that the contract should be for one year only in the first instance. The Clerk was instructed to proceed with the necessary arrangements.

Matters for the next agenda
16/23 (i) Review of internal financial practices and safeguards. (ii) Arrangements for Annual Parish Meeting.

Date of the next meeting
16/24 The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Monday 7 March 2016 at the Methodist Church Hall at 7.30 pm.