Cllrs S Diamond, C Griffith, P Lamb, C Lawley, P Marriott, R Macer-Wright, and S Toogood.

In attendance

Dr J Davis (Clerk), and two members of the public.

Apologies for absence


 There were none.

Declarations of Interest


(a) All seven Parish Councillors present, having disclosable pecuniary interests, namely owning property within the parish, made written applications to the Clerk in 2019, seeking dispensations, under section 31(4) of the Localism Act 2011, to allow them to speak and vote in respect of the setting of the Council’s budget and precept (minute 20/131(b)).  The Parish Council resolved to grant these dispensations, valid for each Councillor’s term of office (see minute 19/138), otherwise the number of persons prohibited from participating in those discussions would be such as to impede the transaction of the business.
(b)  Cllrs Marriott and Toogood declared an interest in respect of minute 20/131(c), both being members of Broadmayne Playing Field Committee.

Minutes of meeting held on 5 October 2020 


The minutes of the meeting held on 5 October 2020 were approved as a correct record. They would be signed in due course.

Planning and Tree Matters


(a) Correspondence on previous applications

Footways around Old’s garage site The Chairman reported that although it appeared that the footway alongside the new properties on Chalky Road had been completed, no action had been taken to address the dropped kerbs at the front of the properties or to introduce other measures to deter parking in that area.  He had written to the relevant officer at Dorset Council and awaited a response.

(b) Consultations

(i) Robin’s Nest, 1 Holcombe Valley Cottages: erect single story extension and open sided porch to the front elevation and replacement of front door with windows.  The Parish Council considered this application and after discussion resolved not to object, there being no planning reasons to do so, but to make a comment supporting the view of the adjacent landowner that the egress window on the right side of the extension should have obscured glass  for privacy reasons, and that the escape route from that window should leave sufficient room for individuals to leave the property in an emergency without impacting on the planting along the boundary line.
(ii) 4 Cowleaze Road: demolish the existing conservatory and rear door porch. Erect a single storey extension to the rear of the property.  The Parish Council considered this application and after discussion resolved not to object, there being no planning reasons to do so.



(a) Cllr Toogood reported that the Playing Field Association would be holding its AGM, via Zoom, on 25 November.  She also reported that the safety bark under the climbing frame had recently been replaced.
(b) The Chairman reported that the hall would be closing again as from 5 November because of the new Covid-19 restrictions.
(c)  Cllr Marriott reported that the West Knighton Village Green committee would be reviewing government advice on the need to close the children’s play area there.
(d)  The Clerk read a report from Alison Donnison, PCSO.  There had been two crimes reported in the Broadmayne area in the last month: a burglary at Corner House stores when cigarettes were taken, and criminal damage to a van.  PCSO Donnison urged the public to report any suspicious incidents, however small to Dorset Police.

Financial Matters


(a) The Clerk had prepared the November financial statement, showing the receipts and payments since the last meeting.   It was proposed by Cllr Marriott, seconded by Cllr Griffith, and RESOLVED to approve the following payments:

Payments already made

Steve Diamond (refund of monthly ‘Zoom’ fee)                      £14.39

DAPTC (training webinar)                                                       £20.00

Payments to be made

Ricoh (photocopier ‘click’ charge)                                           £  7.92

(b) Draft budget for 2021-22   The Clerk reported that since preparing the budget she had been notified of receipt of a further CIL payment of £3,097.80, the second instalment of the payment in respect of the development at 6 Chalky Road.  Subject to an amendment to take this into account, the draft budget was considered.  After discussion, it was agreed to accept the draft and not to increase the precept from the 2020-21 level of £27,000 in recognition of the hardships being experienced by many during the pandemic. The Clerk was asked to bring the amended budget back for formal approval at the December meeting.

(c) To consider paying for the emptying on one litter bin in the children’s play area for the remainder of the present financial year (cost £107.10 from the Environmental Works budget head).  The Clerk reported that the bin had, for many years, been emptied by a volunteer from Broadmayne Playing Field Committee but this was no longer considered to be appropriate, and the Parish Council was asked to consider paying for the task to be undertaken by Dorset Council.  It was proposed by Cllr Macer-Wright, seconded by Cllr Lamb, and RESOLVED to pay for this work this year.  Payment in future years would be allocated to a new budget head, shown in the draft budget as discussed.

(d) The Chairman had previously reported on a volunteer’s efforts to investigate the provision of FTTP Broadband in the village, and Councillors had expressed support for the initiative.  It was proposed by Cllr Toogood, seconded by Cllr Lawley, and RESOLVED to make a payment of £37.65 for a leaflet about such broadband provision which was being distributed around the village.

Shared-use route Broadmayne to Dorchester Working Group


Cllr Macer-Wright reported that working group had agreed on a preferred route between West Knighton and West Stafford, and had made an initial approach to one of the landowners concerned.  A meeting with Dorset Council officers had been scheduled for 11 November.

Travellers on the Ridgeway track


The Clerk reported that there had been no developments in this matter but that she had received a report of a dog from the caravan chasing a walker.  This had been reported to the PCSO.  The Clerk was asked to make further enquiries about the setting of the court date for the eviction.

Remembrance Sunday


The Chairman reported that the new lockdown restrictions, commencing on 5 November, meant that the proposed event on the playing field would have to be cancelled. He was proposing instead to prepare a video for uploading on to “YouTube” in which the Rector would lead with prayers and Keith Blandamer would read the names from the war memorial.  Wreaths would be laid by the Chairman on behalf of the Parish, by Dorothy Emery on behalf of West Knighton, and by a representative of the Scouts.



The Chairman would attend this event on 14 November and the motions to be debated were considered and recommendations made on how he should vote on them.

Consultation on standards in public life


This consultation was being undertaken by the Committee on Standards in Public Life.  NALC would be preparing a response on behalf of local councils.  It was agreed that comments should be sent to the Clerk who would collate a response and submit it to NALC.

Other matters of Report


(a) The Clerk reported on the following matters

(i) Work on the replacement of the bus shelter roof had been delayed by the wet weather.  It would be commenced as soon as possible.
(ii) The press notice for the limited waiting TRO outside the shop was due to be published in the Dorset Echo on 5th November, other consultees would be notified at the same time.
(iii)  A letter had been received from a local resident describing how some properties had been subject to sewage contaminated flooding during recent heavy rain storms.  This had been referred to both Dorset Council and Wessex Water for investigation.  Replies were awaited.

(b) Councillors

(i) Cllr Macer-Wright said, in respect of flooding issues, that Dorset Council were understood to be undertaking a section 19 flood report (Flood and Water Management Act 2010) for Broadmayne as this is a statutory requirement when five or more dwellings are internally flooded, but he considered that householders may need to consider measures for protecting their own properties.  He also said that at least 40 responses had already been made to the FTTP Broadband leaflet.  It was agreed that further support for this initiative should be encouraged.
(ii)  Cllr Griffith expressed concern about the ongoing flooding problem at the junction of the A352 and the A35 at the Dorchester bypass.  He also queried whether there was an explanation for the number of power cuts in Broadmayne and the neighbouring locality over the last few months.  The Clerk was asked to make enquiries about both of these matters.
(iii) Cllr Lawley asked if anything was known about the surfacing works carried out on Bramble Drove at its junction with the A352.  Again, the Clerk would make enquires.
(iv) Cllr Marriott said that he had reported to Dorset Council broken slats at one of the bridges at the wash ponds and that it had been repaired very quickly.
(v) Cllr Lamb said that the presentation by the High Sheriff to the shop staff and Covid-19 volunteers had been greatly appreciated, and that discussions were in hand to bring the volunteer system back into operation in time for the new lockdown.

Matter received after the publication of the agenda


(i) Notification of Dorset Council’s consultation on its climate change strategy  Cllr Lamb and the Clerk would consider how best to prepare the Parish Council’s response to this.
(ii) Notification of the 2021 Census This was noted.

Date of next meeting


The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Monday 7 December 2020 at 7.30 pm.  By Zoom, unless otherwise advised.