Cllrs S Diamond, P Lamb, C Lawley, R Macer-Wright, P Marriott, and S Toogood.

In attendance

Dr J Davis (Clerk), Dorset Cllr Tarr and two members of the public.

Apologies for absence

19/149 An apology for absence had been received from Cllr Griffith.

Declarations of Interest

19/150 There were none.

Minutes of meeting held on 4 November 2019

19/151 The minutes of the meeting held on 4 November 2019 were approved and signed as a correct record.

Planning and Tree Matters

19/152 The following matters were noted:

(a) Decisions and correspondence on previous applications Former Olds Garage site, Main Street—amendment of approved plans for the erection of five dwellings: planning permission granted subject to nine conditions.
(b) Matters received after the publication of the agenda
(i) 28 Watergates Lane—erection of replacement conservatory.
(ii) Land at Knighton Lane—erection of three dwellings to include access and parking to rear: amended plans. Extensions to the consultation period for these applications was being sought so that they could be considered at the January Parish Council meeting.

Public participation session

19/153 (i) A member of the public reported on a recent flooding incident in Martel Close during a heavy storm when water has cascaded down her drive because of blocked drains outside her house, compounded by ditches which had not been cleared. She had contacted Dorset Council and a team had attended and cleared seven tanks of water and waste material from the drains. She had written to Dorset Council to express concern about the failure to keep the drains clear and asked whose job it was to keep ditches clear. She also asked about the provision of sandbags within the village. The Chairman said that the Parish Council would pursue these matters. (See minute 19/162 for a discussion of sandbag provision.)
(ii) A member of the public expressed his ongoing concerns about the ‘layby’ at the eastern end of the village (see minute 19/159 for an update on the problems at this site).


19/154 Dorset Cllr Tarr reported that he had commented on a number of planning applications in Broadmayne, supporting the comments made by the Parish Council. He also reported that preparations were now in hand for the production of a new Local Plan to cover the entire Dorset Council area. It was anticipated that Parish Councils would be consulted at an early stage in this process. He added that he was investigating ideas for preventing future traveller access problems on the Ridgeway; these included physical barriers and reduction in the status of the highway.
Cllr Toogood reported that the Playing Fields Association had held its AGM but that more committee members were urgently needed. She also reported that she had attended a meeting of the DAPTC Central Area Committee at which cyber security had been discussed, and members had been advised of the Chief Constable’s interest in rural policing.
The Clerk read a report from Alison Donnison, PCSO. There had been only one crime in Broadmayne in the last month: the theft of a tool bag from the back of a van parked on Main Street.

Financial Matters


(a) The Clerk had prepared the December financial statement, showing the receipts and payments since the last meeting. It was proposed by Cllr Toogood, seconded by Cllr Marriott, and RESOLVED to approve the following payments:
Payments to be made
Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal £ 100.00
David Eaglestone (postage for sending SID for assessment) £ 23.40
Broadmayne Village Hall (room hire for allotment meeting) £ 3.50
J.Davis (salary Oct/Nov/Dec) £1166.92
HMRC (PAYE income tax on above) £ 291.80
(b) The Clerk reported that the annual fee of £40 for registration with the Information Commissioner was due to be paid in December but that this could be reduced to £35 if paid by Direct Debit. Financial Regulations did permit utility payments and non-domestic rates to be paid by Direct Debit, subject to the usual two councillor authorisation, and also for the suspension of Financial Regulations subject to risk assessment. After discussion, it was proposed by Cllr Toogood, seconded by Cllr Lamb, and RESOLVED to suspend the relevant Financial Regulation to allow for this payment to be made by Direct Debit, and to authorise the necessary instruction to the Parish Council’s bank.
(c) To consider the final draft of the budget for 2020-21, and the level of the precept The final draft of the budget was considered. After discussion, it was proposed by Cllr Macer-Wright, seconded by Cllr Lamb, and RESOLVED to adopt the draft budget, with the precept set at £27,000.


19/156 Cllr Marriott reported that a further training event had been organised. This would be run by the British Heart Foundation and would take place in the village hall at 7pm on 16 January.

Travellers on the Ridgeway

19/157 The Clerk reported that all of the vehicles had now been moved from the site, although some rubbish remained.

Damage to the SID and its replacement

19/158 The Clerk reported that the insurance claim had been initiated and that she was awaiting confirmation of the amount to be paid before proceeding to order a replacement machine. The traffic signage company with which Dorset Council works had provided a quotation of £2814, including a £150 discount. It was agreed that subject to a reasonable payment from the insurers and consultation with the Chairman, the Clerk should proceed with the order for a replacement SID.

Damage to the Broadmayne entrance ‘gates’ at the eastern end of the village

19/159 The Clerk reported that the storm damage at the eastern end of the village (see minute 19/141(i)) had been reported to the Community Highways Officer. He had replied to say that the maintenance of the ‘gates’ was the responsibility of the Parish Council (although they had been erected by Dorset County Council they had been paid for by the Binnegar Quarry operative). He would keep an eye on the unofficial lay-by for problems and would raise jobs as necessary. A tree officer had visited the site and was concerned that there was a branch which was unacceptably low over the highway but he needed to contact the relevant landowner to discuss its removal. She was continuing to correspond with the officers on these matters. The highways team had been asked to provide a quotation for the repair/replacement of the ‘gates’ but this had yet to be received.

NALC Small Councils Committee: voting for Dorset candidates

19/160 Two Parish Councillors from Dorset, one from West Lulworth Parish Council and one from Corfe Castle Parish Council had been nominated for places on the NALC Small Councils Committee. After discussion, it was agreed that Broadmayne Parish Council should use two of its three votes to vote for the two Dorset Councillors.

Response to Dorset Council’s draft plan

19/161 Based on feedback from Councillors, the Clerk had drafted a response to the plan, welcoming the commitment to work with town and parish councils but expressing concern about the lack of detail. It was agreed that this response be submitted.

Provision of sandbags in Broadmayne

19/162 The Clerk reported that during recent heavy rain, two local residents had been seeking sandbags. The Broadmayne sandbag supply was presently being stored under a tarpaulin in the village hall car park, having previously been held in a small shed beside the old Doctor’s surgery. This was not ideal as the bags were deteriorating and the pile was covered with vegetation. After discussion it was agreed that the Parish Council should pursue moving a redundant grit bin, presently in the Black Dog car park, to the village hall car park for use as a sand bag store.


19/163 The following correspondence was noted and action agreed as appropriate:

(i) From Dorset Council: invitation to attend the Planning Peer Review Town and Parish Council Focus Group on 15 January. A place had booked a place on this, attendance would be finalised at the January meeting.
(ii) From NALC: Home Office consultation on strengthening police powers to deal with unauthorised encampments. It was agreed that Councillors would study this with a view to formulating a response at the January meeting.
(iii) From a local resident, expressing concern about inconsiderate parking causing safety problems in Broadmayne, including parking in Osmington Drove. The Chairman said that further discussions would be held with officers of Dorset Council,
(iv) From the Power for People organisation, seeking support for the Local Electricity Bill which would empower local communities to sell locally generated clean energy directly to local customers. It was agreed that Councillors would consider this at the January meeting.

Matters of Report


(i) The Chairman reported that he had spoken to a local resident about the rubbish in Bramble Drove (minute 19/147(iv)), and that it would be removed.
(ii) The Chairman thanked everyone who had assisted at the Remembrance Sunday ceremony on 10 November which had been very well attended.
(iii) Cllr Lamb reported that he had attended the Dorset Council seminar on climate change at which a large amount of information had been provided. Parish and Town Councils had been invited to prepare their own climate emergency plans. He was willing to draft such a plan, with the assistance of Cllr Macer-Wright, for consideration in the first quarter of 2020. Cllr Lamb was thanked for taking this matter forward.

Date of next meeting

19/165 The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Monday 6 January 2020 at the Methodist Church Hall at 7.30 pm.