Minutes 3rd July 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting Held On Monday 3 July 2017 in the Methodist Church Hall, Broadmayne

Present Cllrs D Eaglestone, P Lamb and S Toogood.

In attendance Dr J Davis (Clerk), District Cllr N Bundy (from minute 17/92), and three members of the public.

Apologies for absence
17/88 Apologies for absence had been received from Cllrs Diamond and Griffith, County Cllr Ireland and District Cllr Thacker. In the absence of Cllr Diamond, the Vice-Chairman, Cllr Toogood, took the chair.

Declarations of Interest
17/89 There were none.

Minutes of meeting held on 5 June 2017
17/90 The minutes of the meeting held on 5 June 2017 were approved and signed as a correct record.

Planning and Tree Matters
17/91 The following matters were noted:

(a) Decisions and correspondence on previous consultations

(i) 35 Main Street; the Certificate of Lawful Use or Development had been granted (for demolition of poor quality elements of building to the rear, and related improvement works). It was observed that neither this approval, nor that for the substantive works at this property (see minutes 17/64 (b) and 17/79 (a) appeared to give approval for the installation of the front facing dormer window.
(ii) 4A Chalky Road; application had been granted for work on six trees which are the subject of a Tree Preservation Order.

(b) Other planning matters 4 Littlemead; notice of permitted development application for a conservatory.
(c) Any planning matters received after the publication of the agenda Notice of a planning application for the single storey extension to the Black Dog restaurant. WDDC was unable to provide an extension to the period allowed for the receipt of comments such that the matter could be considered at the August Parish Council meeting but had agreed to receive comments until 26 July. Arrangements would therefore be put in hand to vary the planning application protocol on this occasion so that a decision could be made outside of a Parish Council meeting.

Public participation session

(i) A member of the public raised concerns about the overgrown condition of a number of public rights of way: Osmington Drove (Bridleway 10), Watergates Lane (Bridleway 4, beyond the wash ponds), and the path commencing opposite Littlemayne (Bridleway 14). Bridleway 17 (which diverges from Bramble Drove (Bridleway 15) had not been kept clear through crops. Concern was expressed by another member of the public about restoring Osmington Drove to its full width because that might have the effect of encouraging unlawful use. The Clerk would nevertheless report all of these problems to the county council.
(ii) A member of the public had details of a number of paths which had fallen into disuse and were not currently recorded as public rights of way (see minute 17/54). The Clerk would meet with him to obtain the details.
(iii) A member of the public said that he had been visited by an American family exploring their family’s D-Day links with the area. They had asked if there was any permanent memorial to the USA’s links to the village at that time. Since there is not, Cllr Eaglestone agreed that Local History Broadmayne might investigate the possibility of making a permanent and signed trail around the sites identified during the D-Day anniversary event in 2014, possibly with grant support from the Parish Council.
(iv) A member of the public said that the bridges at the wash ponds on Bridleway 4 presented a barrier to the less-able and wheel chair users because of the steps and uneven surfaces at the bridge approaches. He asked if anything could be done about this. The Clerk said that this was a problem which could be addressed as a way of improving the rights of way network (see minute 17/97 (iv)).

17/93 District Cllr Bundy said that there was nothing new to report regarding local government reorganisation; the matter now rested with the Minister at the Department of Communities and Local Government, although the councils which supported the change were undertaking some preliminary work on closer cooperation. The Clerk read a report from County Cllr Ireland: the county council’s medium term financial plan and budget indicated a substantial projected over-spend but it was hoped this could be reduced; the re-surfacing of the A352 through Broadmayne was still on schedule for the autumn; there had been a further accident on the A352 near Whitcombe and, whilst county council officers were resisting calls for a speed reduction to 40mph there, the signage was being reviewed. Cllr Toogood reported that the Playing Fields Association had agreed an arrangement for some tennis coaching for children on the tennis court over the school holidays.

Financial Matters
17/94 Financial Statement The Clerk presented the July financial statement, and drew the Council’s attention to the receipts and payments since the last meeting. It was proposed by Cllr Eaglestone, seconded by Cllr Lamb, and RESOLVED to approve payments as follows:
Payments already made:
Spetisbury Construction Ltd. (payment 4, hall extension work £25,444.74
Wessex Grounds Services (ground works around hall extension) £ 378.00
Wessex Grounds Services (1st quarter grass cutting) £ 850.68
DAPTC (training fee) £ 65.00
Payments to be made
Broadmayne Village Hall (use of hall for annual parish meeting) £ 16.50
Spetisbury Construction Ltd. (payment 5, hall extension works) £41,363.99

Parish Plan
17/95 Cllr Eaglestone reported that he would be making contact with the county council officer who dealt with Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs).

Village Hall project
17/96 The Clerk read a report from the Chairman. This explained that the hall works would be completed on 4 July, about 7 days behind schedule owing to poor weather in January. The project team had been very pleased with the choice of contractor, Spetisbury Construction, who had completed the work to a good standard, on budget and virtually on time. Discussions were in hand with Wessex Grounds Services about landscaping the area around the changing rooms and hall extension. Since the tender price had been well within the money allocated by the Parish Council and the Village Hall Trustees it seemed very likely that funds would be available for further improvements to the hall, and other works of benefit to the community. A detailed financial report would be made available at the August meeting of the Parish Council.

17/97 The following items of correspondence were noted, and any necessary actions agreed:

(i) From DCC: new public and school transport contracts awarded. Cllr Eaglestone observed that there were no details of a bus serving Puddletown Middle School. The Clerk was asked to query this.
(ii) From Civic Voice: invitation to a War Memorial workshop on 14 July.
(iii) From local residents: parking issues in Bakers Paddock. A number of residents from Bakers Paddock had reported issues arising from on-street parking in that location, including DWP vehicles being unable to access the street and, as a consequence, waste not being collected. The Clerk reported that that County Cllr Nick Ireland had made arrangements for a site meeting with a resident and the Community Highways Officer, Phil Goodland on 6 July. Cllr Eaglestone agreed to attend.
(iv) From DCC (received after the publication of the agenda): notification about funding available for rights of way improvements. It was agreed that the following matters be put forward for consideration: the Broadmayne to Dorchester cycle track, Bridleway 4 beyond the wash ponds at the end of Watergates Lane which becomes almost impassable in the winter because of poor drainage, access to the bridges over the wash ponds which is problematic for the less-able because of steps and uneven surfaces on the bridge approaches, and the replacement of stiles with gates at a number of locations.

Matters of Report

(a) The Clerk reported as follows:

(i) Allotments Advice indicated that the best course of action with the two plots at the far end of the allotments would be to get a local farmer or contractor to come in with a small tractor and a swipe (a mower for rough grass), and clear the vegetation prior to spraying off with a weed killer once or twice before the end of the season and only then rotavating. It was agreed that the Clerk should obtain some costings for this work.
(ii) Refurbishment of benches and notices boards The contractor would proceed with the stripping of one the benches and then discuss with the Clerk the most appropriate finish.
(iii) Chalky Road street sign. This had been reported to the relevant officer at the district council and a replacement would be installed as soon as possible.
(iv) Overgrown path between Woodlands and Beech Close This matter had been raised with Magna.
(v) Dorset Shop of the Year The nomination of Corner House Stores had been prepared by the Clerk with the assistance of Councillors and submitted to Dorset Community Action.
(vi) Old Brickfields Copse A local resident had reported that that Persimmon’s contractors were strimming and cutting back the shrubs to keep the paths open and that they had a contract to do this four times a year.

(b) Cllr Toogood said that she had received a report about a vehicle being parked on Cowleaze Road close to the junction with Chalky Road. She would see if the Chairman had received any further information about problem parking on Chalky Road before taking the matter any further.

Date of next meeting
17/99 The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Monday 7 August 2017 at the Methodist Church Hall at 7.30 pm.