ON 4 APRIL 2022



Cllrs S Diamond, K Ellis, P Lamb, C Lawley, R Macer-Wright, and S Toogood.

In attendance

Dr J Davis (Clerk) and five members of the public.

Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence had been received from Cllr Whittaker and Dorset Cllr Tarr.

Declarations of Interest and requests for dispensations


There were none

Minutes of meeting held on 7 March 2022 


The minutes of the meeting held on 7 March 2022 were approved and signed as a correct record.

Planning and Tree Matters


(a) Consultations (i) P/OUT/2021/05611—19A Knighton Lane: outline application for six dwellings.  The Parish Council considered this application, alongside views expressed by local residents and, after discussion, resolved to object to the proposal on the grounds of it being over-development of the site, the likely elevation of the proposed properties relative to the dwellings on the eastern side of Knighton Lane and the potential impact of consequential parking and traffic on Knighton Lane.  However comments would be added on how the development of the site could be made more acceptable (fewer properties, bungalows instead of houses and positioning the new builds at the rear of the site, rather than at the road side).
(ii) P/HOU/2022/01380—22 Chalky Road: erect first floor accommodation above garages; change log store to workshop.  The Parish Council considered this application and, after discussion, resolved not to object to the proposal.
(b)  Planning matters received after the publication of the agenda  The Clerk reported that planning application P/HOU/2021/05689—11 High Trees (demolish garage; erect two storey side extension, front porch and two-storey bay window to provide living space and extra bedroom) had been withdrawn.



The Clerk read a short report from the PCSO: there had been no crimes or other reported incidents in the parish in the last month.  The next planned ‘meet the teams’ visit would be on Friday 15 April at 10am in the village shop.  If no-one is there to speak to the PCSO during these visits, she makes a short foot patrol.  These visits are usually monthly and are advertised on the Dorchester Police Facebook page.

Financial Matters


(a) The Clerk had prepared the April financial statement, showing the receipts and payments since the last meeting.   It was proposed by Cllr Toogood, seconded by Cllr Macer-Wright, and RESOLVED to approve the following payments:

Payments already made

Wessex Grounds Services (4th quarter)  £1,011.34

Payments to be made

Dorset Community Action subscription     £     25.00

(b) Insurance renewal  The Parish Council considered the premium quotations obtained by the Clerk and, after discussion, it was agreed to accept the quotation from Gallagher for a policy with  Hiscox, the premium being £485.78, with a three-year long-term agreement.

(c) Internal auditor  The Clerk reported that Mr J Dickson has agreed to continue as Internal Auditor for a further year.

Community Governance Review


The Parish Council considered the proposals for boundary changes between Broadmayne and West Knighton which had been proposed by Dorset Council and on which the formal consultation was now taking place.  It was agreed to write to those Broadmayne residents who would be impacted if the changes went ahead to ascertain their views (i.e. the Broadmayne residents of Oakwood).  Information about the consultation would also be put on the community website encouraging residents to make their views known to Dorset Council, as well as to the Parish Council.  The closing date for submission of comments to Dorset Council was 23 May so the Parish Council’s response could be agreed at the May meeting in the light of any comments received.



A letter from the NALC Smaller Councils Committee was considered.  This invited smaller councils to propose issues which they would like the Committee to consider.  It was agreed that any ideas should be sent to the Clerk before 30 April.

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee


The Chairman reported that plans were progressing for the event on Sunday 5 June which would be a joint event with West Knighton.  In addition to the Big Lunch (bring your own picnic) there would be activities on the field, a fancy dress competition, a quiz and cream teas provided by the two councils.  A flier advertising the event which included a form for ordering celebration mugs (free to children under 12 but also available to purchase) was being circulated to households in both parishes.

Annual Parish Meeting 


The Clerk reported that in addition to the guest speaker from Litter Free Dorset, the head teacher from Broadmayne First School and Dorset Cllr Tarr had agreed to speak.  She had yet to hear from the police.  The Chairman was drafting the annual report.

Tadnoll Springhead Project


Cllr Macer-Wright reported that he was working on the draft of a licence agreement with the landowner of the space beside the springhead which would allow the Parish Council to manage the land for a nominal rent.  A wall beside the springhead itself and an information board were still being planned.  Members of the public present expressed a willingness to assist in the clearance of the site.

Other matters of report


(a) The Clerk reported as follows:
(i) Allotments  All rents had now been paid and there was one vacant plot.
(ii) School transport: a brief response had been submitted on behalf of Parish Council using Cllr Ellis’s  comments.
(iii) Glover Review of protected landscapes: a brief response had been submitted on behalf of Parish Council as discussed at the March meeting.

(b) Chairman
(i) The Chairman reported that following representations from a resident of Woodlands, he had contacted Dorset Council highways officers about the provision of dropped kerbs on Woodlands and Beech Close, close to the junctions with Chalky Road.  These had now been installed.
(ii) He reported on behalf of Cllr Whittaker that the FTTP initiative was progressing with people confirming their voucher pledges from DCMS.  The latest update from Openreach indicated that contractors would be commencing survey activity.

(c) Councillors
(i) Cllr Ellis asked if it would be possible to install a litter/dog waste bin in the vicinity of the junction of Martel Close and Chalky Road.  The Clerk was asked to investigate costs.
(ii)  Cllr Lawley expressed concerns about the affiliations of the ‘Councillors Climate & Ecological Emergency Support Group’.  This group had been set up at the suggestion of some councillors within Dorset to facilitate discussions of issues and strategy relating to Dorset Council’s declared climate and ecological emergency.  His concern related to the presence of Extinction Rebellion facilitators at meetings and the fact that although those attending meetings did so in a private capacity, the name of their parish council was given in the notes of meetings.  Cllrs Lamb and Macer-Wright, who had attended some meetings of the group, said that the discussions were closely aligned to Dorset Council’s climate and ecological emergency strategy and action plan and that officers and members of Dorset Council spoke at the meetings: the group was for councillors and the agenda was being set by those who attended, not by Extinction Rebellion.

Date of next meeting


The next meeting would take place on Monday 9 May 2022 in the Methodist Church Hall, unless otherwise advised.