Present Cllrs S Diamond, D Eaglestone, C Griffith, P Lamb, R Macer-Wright, P Marriott and S Toogood.

In attendance Dr J Davis (Clerk), County Cllr Ireland, District Cllr N Bundy and four members of the public.

Apologies for absence
19/13 An apology for absence had been received from District Cllr Thacker.

Declarations of Interest
19/14 Cllr Lamb in respect of minute 19/16(b), and Cllrs Marriott and Toogood in respect of minute 19/19(e), both being members of the Broadmayne Playing Fields Association committee.

Minutes of meeting held on 7 January 2019
19/15 The minutes of the meeting held on 7 January 2019 were approved as a correct record and signed.

Planning and Tree Matters

(a) Decisions and correspondence on previous applications The following matters were noted
(i) 6 Chalky Road: demolish existing dwelling and erect six dwellings with parking: planning permission granted subject to eight conditions. A letter had been received from a resident pointing out that there was a contradiction in the conditions: the approved plans indicated that a number of trees were to be felled but the arboricultural impact assessment stated that no trees were required to be felled to enable the proposal to be implemented. WDDC had responded, indicating that the plan erroneously stated that trees were to be felled: it should have stated they would be retained.
(ii) 49 Chalky Road: erection of extension to annex: planning permission granted subject to two conditions.
(b) Consultations
4D Chalky Road: TPO application to fell one beech tree and one Norway maple; the Planning Group had no objections to this application and the Clerk had submitted the response on-line. The application had been approved by WDDC.
(c) Any planning matters received after the publication of the agenda The Clerk reported that WDDC’s new on-line planning register had gone live on 31 January. The Clerk would circulate the user guide to Councillors.

Public participation session

(a) A member of the public expressed concern about parking problems on the road outside the shop. Vehicles were being parked there for long periods of time which was interfering both with passing trade and deliveries to the shop. After discussion it was agreed that the Parish Council would ask DCC to consider the imposition of a Traffic Regulation Order on that stretch of road immediately outside the shop, with the effect of limiting parking to twenty minutes, with no return within one hour from 8am to 6pm.
(b) A member of the public reported problem stiles on FP 16 West Knighton in the vicinity of Little Mayne. The Clerk would investigate these and report them to DCC.
(c) A member of the public expressed concern that waste garden materials were still being dumped at the allotments. This issue would be investigated.


County Cllr Ireland reported that as at December 2018, DCC had overspent its budget by £7.5m. A spending and recruitment freeze was in place. He further reported that the first major tranche of redundancies associated with local government reorganisation had commenced; 220 posts were being deleted and 95 new posts created. The setting of the budget for the new Council was proving problematic and there would be a large savings requirement going forward. The Shadow Dorset Council had considered the approval of the new Dorset Council constitution. Two amendments were proposed; one, concerning the chairmanship of scrutiny committees by minority parties, was rejected.
District Cllr Bundy reported on the second amendment on which he had spoken; this had the effect of amending the new constitution to allow parish and town councils to be part of the process of referring planning applications to a committee of the new council. This had been accepted. Cllr Bundy was thanked for his intervention on this matter.
Cllr Toogood reported that the Playing Fields Committee had applied for a Pocket Parks grant from the Department of Housing, Communities and Local Government to improve the basketball area at the playing fields.

Financial Matters

(a) The Clerk had prepared the February financial statement, showing the receipts and payments since the last meeting. It was proposed by Cllr Griffith, seconded by Cllr Toogood, and RESOLVED to approve the following payments:
Payments already made
Eyelid Productions Ltd (website work) £145.00
RJS Window Cleaning Services (bus shelter) £158.40
Payments to be made
Ricoh UK Ltd (photocopier ‘click’ charge) £6.90
(b) Second internal audit 2018/19 The Clerk reported that the second internal audit of the year had been completed and that the auditor had found no issues which he wished to bring to the Council’s attention.
(c) Grant application from St. Martin’s PCC The Parish Council further considered the grant application for the replacement of the main door of the Community Hall. The PCC’s Fabric Officer was in attendance and explained that replacing the door was essential and not related to the redevelopment of the hall for which planning permission had been granted. After discussion, it was proposed by Cllr Toogood, seconded by Cllr Macer-Wright and RESOLVED that a grant of £1000 be awarded under section 133 of the Local Government Act 1972 to the PCC for a replacement door.
(d) It was agreed that Cllr Marriott would undertake the annual review of financial procedures with the Clerk.
(e) Emergency tree works at entrance to children’s play area at playing field The Parish Council noted that part of the tree and the ivy bush at the Chalky Road entrance to the play area had collapsed during recent high winds. BPFA officers decided that immediate action was necessary and the tree surgeon consulted recommended clearance as a matter of urgency because it was unsafe and likely to collapse completely. The work had already been carried out a cost of £150 + VAT. It was proposed by Cllr Eaglestone, seconded by Cllr Griffith and RESOLVED in principle that the Parish Council would meet this cost since it meets the cost of maintaining the hedge around the playing field and had a budget for remedial works at the playing field.

Emergency Plan
19/20 Cllr Lamb had circulated both electronic and hard copies of the plan to Councillors. Cllr Lamb and Alyson Carroll, the Community Emergency Response Coordinator were thanked for all of their hard work on the production of the plan which would now be made available on the community website.

New seats
19/21 A report from the Clerk setting out the cost of a number of possible models was noted. It was agreed that a model made from recycled materials which did not require maintenance should be pursued and that Cllrs Marriott and Eaglestone would work with the Clerk to decide on the model to be purchased and locations for installation.

Litter bins
19/22 A report from the Clerk setting out the procedure for obtaining, and charges for, new litter bins was noted. In particular it was noted that there would be a weekly charge of £4.50 for emptying any new bins. After discussion it was agreed not to pursue the installation of any further bins, pending any changes to charges and procedures which might arise from local government reorganisation.

Parish Bulletin
19/23 It was agreed that an edition of the Parish Bulletin should be produced, primarily to advise residents of the Parish Council elections due to be held on 2 May, and how to stand for election.

19/24 The following items of correspondence were noted and action agreed as appropriate:

(i) From Dorchester Casterbridge Rotary Club: Dorchester Marathon and Small Grants Scheme.
(ii) From DAPTC: details of annual conference on 26 March 2019. DAPTC had already advised that this event was fully booked but Broadmayne Parish Council was on the waiting list for a place.
(iii) From DCC: A briefing note on the information campaign in respect of the creation of the new unitary authority and its implications.

Matters of Report

(a) The Clerk reported on the following matters
(i) South Dorset Ridgeway Community Green Space Project Three bird boxes and a bat box have been installed around the playing field. A map of the locations was available.
(ii) Allotments The problem with the water tank had been dealt with. One of the tenants had reported the theft of some tools and watering cans from his plot. There was no break-in involved. Other tenants had been warned of the problem. A revised tenancy agreement had been prepared and would be sent out with the rent demands later in the month.
(iii) Licence for SID After advice from our insurers had been obtained, and a number of further exchanges with DCC officers, sufficient assurances regarding liability arising from the positioning of the supporting poles had been received to allow for the Chairman to be able to sign this, Cllr Eaglestone having confirmed that that the decisions for the placing on the current SID poles rested with DCC officers.
(iv) Planting at Chalky Road/Coombe Valley Road junction Following recent exchanges about the potential of this new planting to cause visibility problems to drivers, she had contacted the DCC Community Highways Officer about the situation. He had indicated that DCC would cut back any planting that was too close to the junction when the sight line at the junction was cut but that no other action was planned. The Clerk was asked to pursue the matter further to try to find out who was responsible for the planting.
(v) Retaining wall: Knighton Lane In response to her report about blocked gullies at Knighton Lane, the Clerk had received a response from DCC indicating that the bow in the middle section of the retaining wall on the eastern side of Knighton Lane had noticeably increased through the winter season. The report said that the issue was not urgent but “might benefit from inspection”. The Clerk was asked to press for an Inspection to be carried out.

Date of next meeting
19/26 The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Monday 4 March 2019 at the Methodist Church Hall at 7.30 pm.