Minutes 4th January 2016

Minutes of The Parish Council Meeting Held on Monday 4 January 2016 in the Methodist Church Hall, Broadmayne

Present Cllrs S Diamond, D Eaglestone, C Griffith, R Hatcher, K Jury and S Toogood.

In attendance Dr J Davis (Clerk), District Cllr A Thacker and District Cllr N Bundy

(both from minute 16/4(a)(ii)).

Apologies for absence
16/1 There were none.

Declarations of Interest
16/2 There were none.

Minutes of meeting held on 7 December 2015
16/3 The minutes of the meeting held on 7 December 2015 were approved and signed as a correct record, subject to the addition of the phrase “with funding maintained at current levels for a further year” at the end of District Cllr Thacker’s report in minute 15/167, relating to WDDC’s support for CABs.

Planning and Tree Matters
16/4 (a) Consultations

(i) WD/D/15/002710: Broadmayne Playing Field—Installation of temporary shipping container for storage of equipment used by the Broadmayne Scout Group. The Parish Council, whilst supportive of the Scout Group’s desire for a storage facility, resolved to object to this application on the grounds that insufficient information had been provided about any hard standing for the container, the cladding, surfacing of the approach to the doors, its exact positioning and other matters. It also appeared that official notice had not been served on the Parish Council and the Playing Fields Association (as, respectively, owner and lessee of the land), as required by planning regulations. It was agreed that the Scout Group should be contacted by the Parish Council to explain the reasoning behind the objection.

(ii) WD/D/15/002660: Roman Hill Trading Estate, Warmwell (neighbouring parish)—erection of two industrial units. This application had been removed from the District Council website so the planning group had not been able to consider it. The Clerk had now obtained a hard copy and it was agreed that an extension of the period for comments should be sought. If an extension was not granted then a request should be made that the application be restored to the website and the Parish Council would reach a conclusion through an exchange in e-mails.

(iii) WD/D/15/002774: land to east of South Drove Farm, South Drove—change of use of land for equestrian purposes and erection of stables and access track (retrospective). The Parish Council had no objection to, or comments to make on this application.

(b) Other planning matters The Chairman and Cllr Griffith would be meeting the architects working on the land off Knighton Lane planning application on 6 January.

16/5 District Cllr Thacker said that the key issue for the coming year would be the possible reorganisation of local government in Dorset but that this was far from easy because there was no consensus amongst existing authorities as to what should happen. The Department of Communities and Local Government had been asked to undertake a financial assessment of the options. District Cllr Bundy said that internally, the big challenge for WDDC was improving its planning and land services, and dealing with the issue of the provision of land for housing, in particular affordable housing. The Chairman reported that the Corner House Stores had been taken over by a private investor and was under new management as from 2nd January. This good news meant that the Broadmayne Community Shop Committee would be winding up its activities and returning all the money sent in with share applications. Although eventually overtaken by events it had performed an important task on behalf of the community. It was important that the community now supported the new enterprise.

Financial Matters
16/6 (a) Financial Statement The Clerk presented the December financial statement, and drew the Council’s attention to the receipts and payments since the last meeting.
(b) A letter from WDDC setting out the council tax base for 2016–17 was noted. The tax base for Broadmayne (used to calculate the council tax charge on a Band D property in the parish) is 516.40.

Parish Plan
16/7 Cllr Hatcher reported that the traffic and road safety group was planning to undertake some survey work before meeting the new DCC Community Highways Officer.

16/8 The following items of correspondence were noted, and any necessary actions agreed:
(i) From DCC: e-mail about the proposed introduction of a 50mph speed limit on the A352 between the roundabout at the West Stafford bypass and the start of the 30mph limit in Broadmayne. This would be for 18 months in the first instance and subject to the necessary formal consultation. It was agreed that a response should be sent to DCC asking that consideration should also be given to setting a 50mph limit to the east of the village between the 30mph limit and the Warmwell roundabout, and extending the 30mph limits at both ends of the village.
(ii) From WDDC: e-mail about Dorset Home Choice (the Housing Register). The letter encouraged anyone experiencing housing need to apply to join the register, details of which were available on the Dorsetforyou website.
(iii) From WDDC: invitation to a seminar about the local plan to be held in February. It was agreed that the Chairman and Cllr Toogood would attend the session on 2 February. Cllr Griffith would also consider attending.

Matters of Report
16/9 The Clerk reported that three quotations for the Grass and hedge cutting contract had been received so far and that at least another one was expected. She would present the quotations for decision at the February Parish Council meeting.

Date of the next meeting
16/10 The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Monday 1 February 2016 at the Methodist Church Hall at 7.30 pm.