Minutes 5th March 2018


Present Cllrs S Diamond, D Eaglestone, C Griffith, P Lamb and S Toogood. Mr R Macer-Wright and Mr P Marriot were present and co-opted as Councillors during the course of the meeting (see minute 18/32).
In attendance Dr J Davis (Clerk), District Cllrs N Bundy and Thacker (from minute 18/36), and six members of the public.
Apologies for absence
18/32 An apology for absence had been received from County Cllr Ireland.

Co-option of new Councillors
18/33 It was proposed by the Chairman, seconded by Cllr Griffith, and RESOLVED that Mr Richard Macer-Wright and Mr Philip Marriott be co-opted on to the Parish Council. The new Councillors signed declarations of acceptance of office.

Declarations of Interest
18/34 There were none.

Minutes of meeting held on 5 February 2018
18/35 The minutes of the meeting held on 5 February 2018 were approved as a correct record and signed.

Planning and Tree Matters
18/36 (a) Decisions and correspondence on previous consultations The following matters were noted:

(i) Land to east of South Drove Farm: erection of one dwelling; an appeal had been lodged with the Planning Inspectorate against WDDC’s decision to refuse planning permission.
(ii) The application for the reduction of an ash tree crown by 20% at 11 Old Brickfields had been approved.
(iii) The application for the erection of a detached garage at 22 Chalky Road had been approved subject to two conditions.
(b) TPO Consultations
(i) 11 Old Brickfields: thin inner crown of one ash tree by 10-15% (too dense for species).
(ii) 9 Oakwood: fell one storm damaged tree. These applications had been notified to the Planning Group by e-mail and no objections had been made; the Clerk would notify WDDC accordingly.

Public participation session
18/37 (i) A member of the public expressed concern about any moves to close the ridgeway route (off Chalky Road) to motor vehicular traffic since he was of the view that members of the public should not be deprived of the right to drive on the route and that travellers would probably ignore any restrictions imposed.
(ii) A member of the public said that the recent very cold weather and snow could have been used to run a trial of the new emergency plan. Cllr Lamb said that the plan was not sufficiently developed to have done that but the Chairman said that the offers of help and co-operation made via the village Facebook page had been very encouraging and could be used in the preparation of the plan.
(iii) A member of the public reported that a motorhome was being parked in Chalky Road in such a way that people were being forced to walk in the road. It was agreed that the Parish Council would try to contact the owner of the vehicle to explain the problem.
(iv) A member of the public reported that the remains of a large fallen branch in Osmington Drove looked very untidy. It was agreed that the Parish Council would investigate means of securing its removal.

18/38 District Cllr Thacker reported as follows. The Minister had approved the plans for local government reorganisation in Dorset although the matter still required Parliamentary approval. Christchurch Borough Council, and the MP for that constituency, Christopher Chope, remained opposed to the scheme. Cllrs Thacker and Bundy were continuing to press for Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and section 106 money, derived from developments, to be used to support rural transport, in particular the subsidy of bus services. WDDC’s budget had been agreed and balanced with a further £700,000 in savings. A recent meeting with senior police officers had indicated that officers were still working on rural issues, in particular the theft of agricultural machinery and poaching.
Cllr Toogood reported that the Playing Fields Association had found that major remedial repairs were needed to the roof of the changing rooms, and that problems were being experienced with damage to the verges around the perimeter of the playing field, in particular in front of the children’s play area.
Cllr Toogood reported that she and the Chairman had attended a meeting of the DAPTC central area committee at which there had been a talk from Community Transport/Dorset Travel outlining community alternatives to scheduled bus services, and grants available.
The Chairman reported that he had attended an Integrated Transport Review Day, organised by DCC which had looked at many issues, including school transport, public and community transport and neighbourhood car schemes. Representatives of Damory appeared fairly optimistic about the future of the No.5 bus service but it was now clearer that the service provider received from the government only about 50% of the fare which would have been paid by concessionary bus pass holders. The message was therefore that the bus should be supported and that those pass holders who could afford to pay for some of their journeys should do so to help ensure the viability of the service.

Financial Matters
18/39 (a) The Clerk presented the March financial statement, and drew the Council’s attention to the receipts and payments since the last meeting. It was proposed by Cllr Eaglestone, seconded by Cllr Toogood, and RESOLVED to approve the following payments:

Payment already made
J.Punchard (painting/repairs benches) £1,095.20
Payments to be made
Ace Office Supplies (5 packs A4 paper) £ 13.14
J.Davis (Clerk’s salary Jan/Feb/March 2018) £1,116.82
HMRC (tax on Clerk’s salary) £ 279.20
Clerk’s out of pocket expenses (2017/18) £ 456.57
Pryce Countryside Services £ 62.50
S.Diamond (reimbursement of cost of website fliers) £ 31.00

(b) Second internal audit 2017/18 The Clerk reported that the second internal audit of the year had been completed and that the auditor had found no issues which he wished to bring to the Council’s attention.
(c) Grant application for village automated external defibrillator (AED) funding The Parish Council agreed that the provision of an AED in the village should be fully supported but it was noted that the money would not be needed until the end of 2020. It was therefore agreed that the Parish Council would work with Ms Lardner on the provision of long-term funding for the equipment, either by way of rent or purchase. Michaela Farn at the shop was thanked for allowing the AED to be sited outside the shop and for providing the electricity.
(d) Grant application for new table tennis table from Broadmayne Table Tennis Group This application was considered and after discussion it was proposed by Cllr Eaglestone, seconded by Cllr Toogood, and RESOLVED to award a grant of £300 for the purchase of a new table and accessories (grant under section 137 Local Government Act 1972).
(e) Grant application for maintenance of churchyard/graveyard from St. Martin’s PCC This application was considered and after discussion it was proposed by Cllr Eaglestone, seconded by Cllr Lamb, and RESOLVED to award a grant of £930 (grant under section 214(6) of the Local Government Act 1972).
(f) Review of internal controls/audit Plan for 2018–19 and Risk Assessment The Council considered a report from Cllr Eaglestone who had carried out a review of the internal controls and the risk assessment with the Clerk. Following discussion of these matters a number of updates to both the internal controls and the risk assessment tables were agreed. The Clerk would make these amendments so that the document could be signed-off at the April Parish Council meeting.
(g) The effectiveness of the internal auditor and the appointment of internal auditor for 2018-2019 Having considered the effectiveness of the internal auditor, it was proposed by Cllr Eaglestone, seconded by Cllr Griffith, and RESOLVED to appoint Mr J Dickson as the Council’s internal auditor for the coming year. Mr Dickson had said that he was willing to continue in post.

Annual Parish Meeting: 21 May 2018
18/40 After discussion, it was agreed that a representative of the Dorset Waste Partnership should be invited to speak at the Annual Parish Meeting.

18/41 The following items of correspondence were noted and action agreed as appropriate:

(i) From South Dorset Ridgeway Landscape Partnership: ‘Biodiversity in community green spaces’ Project. The Clerk was asked to contact the Partnership to discuss possible sites in the village which might be developed under the auspices of this project.
(ii) From Dorset Youth Association: letter about support. No action.
(iii) From Dorset Community Action: invitation to participate in the Dorset Best Village Competition. It was agreed not to participate this year.
(v) From WDDC: survey on the devolution of assets and services. Arrangements would be made to complete this survey.

Matters of Report
18/42 (a) The Clerk reported as follows: (i) Parking at garage site This had again been reported to the PCSO who had advised that other than in Greater London it was not an offence to park on the footway however action might be possible by the On Street Parking team at DCC if the safe passage of pedestrians was impeded. Contact information was available from a new website “Ask NED” (the Non-Emergency Directory designed to direct the public to the correct service for non-police matters). She would also be willing to write to the registered owners of offending vehicles expressing concern about the visibility issue. (ii) Vehicular access to ridgeway The Clerk had carried out further research on how vehicular access to this track might be controlled and she would continue to correspond with the relevant DCC and WDDC departments. The fly tipping had been reported. (iii) Allotments The rent demands had been issued, rents were being paid and two plots had been relinquished. The plots needed to be checked before any deposits were refunded.
(b) Cllr Eaglestone reported that DCC had been unable to allocate funding to the drainage works in Conway Drive in the present financial year (see minute 18/13 (b)) but that works would be put on the list for 2018/19.

Clerk’s annual appraisal
18/43 The Clerk left the room for this item. Councillors noted the report of the appraisal conducted with the Clerk by the Chairman and the Vice Chairman in February and agreed the recommendations. The Clerk was thanked for another good year’s work and for the support given to the council.

Date of next meeting
18/44 The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Monday 9 April 2018 at the Methodist Church Hall at 7.30 pm.