ON 7 MARCH 2022


Cllrs S Diamond, K Ellis, P Lamb, R Macer-Wright, S Toogood and P Whittaker.

In attendance

Dr J Davis (Clerk) and four members of the public.

Apologies for absence

22/23   Apologies for absence had been received from Cllr Lawley and Dorset Cllr Tarr.

Declarations of Interest and requests for dispensations

22/24   There were none

Minutes of meeting held on 7 February 2022 

22/25   The minutes of the meeting held on 7 February 2022 were approved and signed as a correct record.

Planning and Tree Matters

(a) Consultations
(i) 11 High Trees: Demolish garage. Erect two storey side extension, front porch and two-storey bay window to provide living space and extra bedroom.  The Parish Council considered this application and, after discussion, resolved not to object to the proposal.

(ii) 10 Knighton Lane: erect a new garden room extension at the rear of the property.  The Parish Council considered this application and, after discussion, resolved not to object to the proposal but to make a comment saying that the decision not to object was based on the assumption that the previous proposals for other extensions and alteration at the same property were no longer being pursued.

(b)  Planning matters received after the publication of the agenda           The Clerk reported that two planning applications had been received after publication of the agenda.  These were
(i) for outline planning permission for six dwellings at 19A Knighton Lane, and
(ii) to erect first floor accommodation above garages and to change a log store to a workshop at 22 Chalky Road.  These would be considered in full at the April Parish Council meeting.


22/27   Cllr Toogood reported that the Playing Fields Association had been approached by a youth football team, some members of which were Broadmayne residents, who were interested in using the football pitch on a regular basis.
The Clerk read a short report from the PCSO: the only incident in Broadmayne in the last month had been criminal damage to a door.

Financial Matters


(a) The Clerk had prepared the March financial statement, showing the receipts and payments since the last meeting.   It was proposed by Cllr Toogood, seconded by Cllr Whittaker, and RESOLVED to approve the following payments:

Payments to be made

Dorset Council (SLA for rights of way)        £1,558.80

Water bill for allotments                                 £    41.64

Clerk’s out-of-pocket expenses*                   £  102.85

Clerk’s salary (Jan/Feb/March 2022)**        £1,558.12

Allotment deposit refund                               £     50.00

(* for postage and stationery; ** includes £60 working from home allowance)

(b) Review of internal controls/audit Plan for 2022–22, Risk Assessment and Asset Register  The Parish Council considered these documents and was satisfied that no amendments were needed.  The risk assessment was signed by the Chairman.

(c)  The effectiveness of the internal auditor and the appointment of internal auditor for 2022-2023  Having considered the effectiveness of the internal auditor, it was agreed that, if he was willing to continue in the role, Mr J Dickson should be re-appointed.

(d) Grant for the D-Day Fest  Further consideration was given to the award of a grant towards the cost of the D-Day Fest, the organiser having provided additional information.  After discussion it was proposed by Cllr Macer-Wright, seconded by Cllr Whittaker and RESOLVED to award a grant of £1500.00, to be made under s.137 of the Local Government Act 1972.

(e)  The Clerk reported that, after discussion with the Chairman, they had agreed (in accordance with the Financial Regulations) to authorise that the Parish Council pay the £10 accreditation fee for Cllr Lamb’s attendance at the Carbon Literacy Training event, to be paid for from the training budget head.

Traffic speeds on the A352

22/29   The Clerk reported that she had written to the Road Safety Manager at Dorset Council about reducing the speed limit on the A352 on the western approach to the village and through the village.  She had received a reply which said that a revised Dorset Council process for assessing 20mph requests was being developed which would go to committee in April. The process was likely to include a requirement for an application form to be submitted by the Parish Council. However, the reply indicated that as a general rule, unless in exceptional circumstances, A or B classification roads would not be considered for 20mph schemes. Once the new assessment process had been agreed, the officer would explain to the Parish Council how to make an application for a 20mph scheme.  A later message said that the situation at Little Mayne had been investigated. The officer had liaised with the local Community Highways Officer and the Casualty Reduction Technical Officers to establish the background to this matter. He noted that in response to previously expressed concerns the speed limit had been reduced to 50mph, double white lines introduced and new signage (showing entrance on bend / advising drivers to reduce speed) had been installed.  He observed that within the last five years there had been only one recorded injury collision in the vicinity of this location.  The officers had recommended that the homeowner cut back the hedges on the private land adjacent to the entrance, which currently restricts visibility at this location and asked the Parish Council to engage with the homeowner to establish their intentions regarding the hedge before any further speed reduction requests were considered.

The chairman reported that a resident was keen to pursue the re-establishment of the Community Speed Watch scheme in the village and said that, if approval for suitable sites was forthcoming, the Parish Council would support the initiative and a recruitment drive.


22/30   A message had been received from GLEAM (the Green Lanes Environmental Action Movement) asking all Parish and Town Councils to consider making a response to a government consultation on the Glover Landscape Review, with particular reference to the use of unsealed unclassified roads and byways open to all traffic by motor vehicles.  As this had some relevance to the “ridgeway route” on which there are frequent problems with fly-tipping and traveller encampments it was agreed to submit a short response, stressing the need for a simpler and cheaper traffic regulation order procedure to facilitate timely and appropriate control to prevent the misuse of such routes.

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

22/31  The Chairman invited anyone (Councillor or local resident) who wished to help with the organisation of the celebrations on Sunday 5 June (big lunch, cream tea, activities on the playing field, etc.) to attend a planning meeting Wednesday 9 March.

Annual Parish Meeting 

22/32  The Clerk reported that as previously indicated this would take place in the village hall on Monday 16 May.  The guest speaker would be a member of the ‘Litter Free Dorset’ Project Team.  Cllr Tarr, the head teacher of Broadmayne First School and the police would also be invited.  The Chairman said that he would prepare a draft of the annual report which he would circulate for comment.

Other matters of report

22/33   (a) The Clerk reported as follows:
(i) Allotments  The allotment rent demands had been sent out and  all but three had now been paid.  There were now two vacant plots and, as no-one was presently on the waiting list, the vacant plots would shortly be advertised.
(ii) Bus consultation  A comment on the Enhanced Partnership Scheme for buses had been submitted on behalf of the Parish Council.

(b) Councillors  Cllr Whittaker reported that he was continuing to pursue the Openreach FTTP initiative and that it appeared progress had been made.  He would report further as soon as possible.

Clerk’s annual appraisal

22/34  The Clerk left the meeting for this item.  Councillors noted the report of the appraisal conducted with the Clerk by the Chairman and the Vice Chairman in February and agreed the recommendations which included promotion to the LC2 pay band on the NJC salary scale.  The Clerk was thanked for her work and for the support given to the council throughout the year.

Venue for future Parish Council meetings

22/35   The Chairman reported that consideration needed to be given to the venue for future Parish Council meetings given the removal of most Covid-19 restrictions.  The Community Hall had only been booked up until the present meeting.  After discussion it was agreed to approach the Methodist Church about reverting to meeting in their hall.  Covid-19 precautions would still be exercised as appropriate.

Date of next meeting

22/36   The next meeting would take place on Monday 4 April 2022 in the Methodist Church Hall, unless otherwise advised.