Minutes 9th January 2017

Minutes of the Meeting Held On Monday 9 January 2017 in the Methodist Church Hall, Broadmayne

Present Cllrs S Diamond, D Eaglestone, C Griffith, K Jury, and P Lamb.

In attendance Dr J Davis (Clerk), County Cllr A Canning, District Cllr A Thacker, District Cllr N Bundy (from minute 17/6) and three members of the public.

Apologies for absence
17/1 An apology for absence had been received from Cllr Toogood.

Declarations of Interest
17/2 Cllr Diamond declared a non-pecuniary interest in respect of minute 17/6(d) as treasurer of the Village Hall Management Committee.

Minutes of meeting held on 5 December 2016
17/3 The minutes of the meeting held on 5 December 2016 were approved and signed as a correct record.

Planning and Tree Matters

(a) Consultations

(i) 11 Holcombe Valley Cottages, Glebe Farm Access Road—Variation of Condition 2 of planning approval 1/E/93/0684 (tie the approved accommodation to the owners accommodation to allow the removal of the 28 day maximum stay restriction). The Parish Council had no objection to this application.
(ii) 22 Chalky Road—Erect a two storey chalet style residence with attached garage to front elevation with the variation of condition 1 of planning permission WD/D/16/00801 to include garage/car port. The Chairman reported on an exchange of emails between himself and WDDC officers in which he had pointed out discrepancies in the numbering of plans in an earlier application and weaknesses in the material supporting this application. WDDC concurred. The Parish Council resolved to object to this application pending clarification, by WDDC, of the plans on which comments were being sought.
(iii) 46 Main Street—Alterations and additions to form new roof and associated car parking. The Parish Council had no objection to this application.
(iv) East Wing, Conygar House—single storey rear extension to the kitchen. The Parish Council had no objection to this application but noted with concern that, despite the fact that the Clerk had sought an extension to the period allowed for comments, the application had already been approved by WDDC.

(b) Any planning matters received after the publication of the agenda Warmwell Quarry, Moreton Road, Crossways—application to the county council to vary condition 1 of planning permission WD/D/14/000838 to extend the date by when the winning and working of mineral shall cease, from 31 December 2016 to 30 June 2017 , to allow the removal of the mineral from the site. The Parish Council had no objection to this proposal.
(c) Any other planning matters

(i) The Clerk reported that when she sought an extension to the consultation period for the Holcombe Valley Cottages application she was advised that whilst the proposed extension could be agreed on this occasion normally at least 2 weeks should be allowed before the expiry date to allow an officer time to assess the comments and make a recommendation to the planning committee. Since this proviso appeared to severely restrict the ability of the Parish Council to participate in the planning process the matter would be pursued with WDDC.
(ii) The Clerk also reported that she was due to attend a further meeting on 25 January about the changes to the consultation system for parish councils.

17/5 County Cllr Canning reported

(i) that all nine councils involved in the local government reorganisation proposals would be formally considering the report on the consultation exercise during January, and would making decisions on their preferred option for reporting to the government in February;
(ii) that the Health and Well Being Board was expressing concern about proposed cuts in GP services across the county which were not being made the subject of a public consultation exercise by the Clinical Commissioning Group;
(iii) that new bus contracts would be coming into operation in the summer and that major funding cuts were likely to result in significant changes in some routes; and
(iv) that the resurfacing of the A352 through Broadmayne would be going ahead in late 2017 and that road safety measures would be undertaken at the same time. District Cllr Thacker reported on the work of the Dorset Waste Partnership, noting that 61% of waste was now being recycled, with 20% of the population using the garden waste recycling scheme. Savings of £1.1m had been made. In reply to a question from Cllr Griffith about the poor facilities offered at the Dorchester Recycling Centre, Cllr Thacker said that the service was being reviewed. Mike Gant, Community Transport Officer, spoke about the consultation on concessionary bus passes (see minute 16/170(ii)). He urged the Parish Council to make a formal response to the consultation, making the point that the changes proposed could affect the viability of the 101 service, and that any changes to the concessionary fare scheme affected those least able to afford private transport and had a knock-on effect on health and well-being issues. It was agreed that a corporate response would be made.

Financial Matters

(a) Financial Statement The Clerk presented the December financial statement, and drew the Council’s attention to the receipts and payments since the last meeting. It was proposed by Cllr Eaglestone, seconded by Cllr Jury, and RESOLVED to approve payments as follows:
Payments already made
Wessex Grounds Services (grass cutting 3rd quarter) £834.00
Payments to be made
Pryce Countryside Services (work at allotment gates) £440.00
(b) The Parish Council noted the DAPTC subscription rates for 2017/18. These had been increased by the current retail price index of 2%, making Broadmayne’s subscription £403.98. (c) The Parish Council noted the tax base details for 2017/18 as supplied by West Dorset District Council. (The tax base is used to calculate the council tax charge on a property in Band D.) (d) Grant application from Broadmayne Village Hall Management Committee An application from the Committee for a grant of £500 towards the cost of making improvements to the fire exit on the field-side of the hall was considered. It was proposed by Cllr Eaglestone, seconded by Cllr Griffith and RESOLVED to make this grant, using the powers granted under section 19 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976.

Parish Plan
17/7 Cllr Eaglestone reported that he was in discussion with DCC officers about improvements to the road signage on the A352 in the vicinity of Littlemayne. He would be following up on the detail of other measures once the date for the re-surfacing of the road through the village had been confirmed. The Clerk reported that she was due to meet with an officer of DCC and an officer of Dorchester Town Council on 10 January for further discussions about the Broadmayne to Dorchester Cycle Track.

Emergency Plan
17/8 Cllr Jury circulated a first draft of the revised plan and asked for comments to be sent to him before the next Parish Council meeting. Once any changes had been incorporated he would organise a meeting for all of those with a role in the plan and seek to find a coordinator. Consideration also needed to be given to providing the first-aiders with equipment. He also reported that plans were in hand to install a defibrillator outside the shop. This was being organised by a local resident. In this context, the Chairman reported that Stan Harland, coordinator of the Patient Support Group, had reported that the Group had a balance of £2,000 which it wished to use for a community purpose. He was proposing purchasing a defibrillator for installation in the village hall and paying for a number of people to be trained to use it.

Village Hall project
17/9 The Chairman reported that the works on the extension had commenced on 5 January. Internal works had already been completed which would allow access to the existing toilets while the work was being undertaken.

17/10 The following items of correspondence were noted and any necessary actions agreed:

(i) From WDDC: consultation on public space protection order dog controls in West Dorset. Broadmayne’s playing field was mentioned in the consultation. The existing signs forbidding dogs don’t have any legal backing and although the proposed order would automatically ban dogs from the children’s play area and the marked football pitch, the proposed extension to the order would ban them from the entire playing field.
(ii) From WDDC: consultation on public space protection orders in West Dorset in relation to anti-social behaviour, aggressive begging and feeding of gulls. It was agreed that Councillors would study both consultations and that they would be discussed at the February Parish Council meeting.
(iii) Invitation from Dorset Community Action to attend training event entitled “Getting started with social media – a beginner’s guide”. It was agreed that the Clerk should attend this event on 30 March.

Matters of Report
17/11 The Clerk reported that

(i) the caravan in Chalky Road has been removed;
(ii) the leaves in Knighton Lane have been swept up.
(iii) An estimate for refurbishment of the village seats and two of the notice boards was being obtained. It was agreed that it was preferable to have the seats stripped, treated, and then stained. The work would be undertaken in the spring/early summer. Cllr Eaglestone reported that he had received a request from a resident for the installation of a salt/grit bin at the junction of Conway Drive and Bramble Drove. It was agreed that Cllrs Eaglestone and Jury would investigate a possible site and that the Clerk would provide details of sizes and prices of bins.

Date of next meeting
17/12 The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Monday 6 February 2017 at the Methodist Church Hall at 7.30 pm.