Minutes Annual Parish Council Meeting 8th May 2017

Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting Held On Monday 8 May 2017 in the Methodist Church Hall, Broadmayne

Present Cllrs S Diamond, D Eaglestone, C Griffith, P Lamb, and S Toogood.

In attendance Dr J Davis (Clerk), District Cllr N Bundy (from minute 17/64(c)), District Cllr A Thacker, and three members of the public.

Election of Chairman and signing of Declaration of Acceptance of Office
17/58 It was proposed by Cllr Toogood seconded Cllr Eaglestone and RESOLVED to elect Cllr Diamond as Chairman. The Declaration of Acceptance of Office was signed.

Election of Vice-Chairman and signing of Declaration of Acceptance of Office
17/59 It was proposed by Cllr Diamond, seconded Cllr Griffith and RESOLVED to elect Cllr Toogood as Vice-Chairman. The Declaration of Acceptance of Office was signed.

Apologies for absence
17/60 An apology for absence had been received from newly elected County Councillor Ireland. The Chairman reported that Cllr Jury had resigned from the Parish Council; he had thanked him for his many years of service on the Council. The Clerk had notified WDDC of the casual vacancy.

Declarations of Interest
17/61 There were none.

Minutes of meeting held on 3 April 2017
17/62 The minutes of the meeting held on 3 April 2017 were approved and signed as a correct record.

Appointment of Parish Representatives, Committees and Groups
17/63 Appointments were made as follows:

(a) Staffing Committee: The Chairman and Cllr Eaglestone.
(b) Appeals Committee: Cllrs Toogood and Lamb.
(c) Complaints Committee: The Chairman and Cllrs Eaglestone and Toogood.
(d) Planning Group: The Chairman and Cllrs Eaglestone, and Griffith.
(e) DAPTC Central Area Reps: The Chairman and Cllr Toogood.
(f) Village Hall Liaison: Cllr Lamb.
(g) Playing Fields Association: Cllr Toogood.
(h) Ancient Monuments: Mr Robin Walls.
(i) Rural Transport: Mr Mike Gant.
(j) Rights of Way: Dr Janet Davis.
(k) Homewatch Coordinator: Miss Anne Bradshaw.
(l) West Knighton Village Green: Dr Janet Davis.
(m) Allotment Watch: Dr Kevin Denham.
(n) Webmaster: To be confirmed.
(o) Noise Pollution Officer: Mr Richard Lawson.
(p) Community Speedwatch Coordinator: Cllr Eaglestone.
(q) Community Emergency Coordinator: making this appointment was deferred pending work on the updating of the Community Emergency Plan.

Planning and Tree Matters

(a) Decisions and correspondence on previous consultations 2 Oakwood: oak tree; raise crown to 6m and reduce crown by 30%; application refused by WDDC. (b) Consultations

(i) 22 Watergates Lane: new entrance porch. The Parish Council considered this application and resolved not to object.
(ii) Broadmayne House Farm, Osmington Drove: replacement garage with roof terrace. The Parish Council considered this application and resolved not to object.
(iii) 35 Main Street: remove garage door, install new window, infill remainder of doorway in brickwork to match existing and
(iv) 35 Main Street: application for section 191 certificate relating to poor quality elements of building at the rear and lean to conservatory plus erection of new flat roof extension and link-way to former kitchen and addition of small dormer to rear roof slope. The Parish Council considered these applications together and resolved to object on the grounds that inadequate information had been provided about the scope of the works and the impact of the development on the street scene. The paucity of information could influence whether neighbours and others in the village chose to investigate the matter further. This being an old building of significance to the centre of the village, the Parish Council considered that any development must be sympathetic. In particular, the velux windows were considered to be incompatible with the rest of the dwelling and the setting.
(v) Land west of 4 South View: erection of two dwellings and associated off-street parking; revised plan. The Parish Council considered this revised plan and resolved to object on the grounds that the new parking arrangements would limit the availability of on-street parking for other residents, would necessitate drivers backing out on to the street, and would have a detrimental visual effect on the street scene.

(c) Other planning matters

(i) Procedure for dealing with planning applications: It was proposed by the Chairman, seconded by Cllr Eaglestone, and resolved to adopt the recently developed protocol. The Clerk was asked to draft a simplified version for use with applications for works relating to trees which are the subject of Tree Preservation Orders.

(d) Any planning matters received after the publication of the agenda 22 Chalky Road: erection of new detached dwelling and garage. The Clerk had sought an extension to the comments period for this so that it could be considered at the June Parish Council meeting.

Public participation session
17/65 Mr Peter Stein, a governor of Broadmayne First School, raised concerns about rumoured funding cuts for Dorset schools which he had hoped to put to the county councillor. He also raised concerns about future house building in the Broadmayne and West Stafford areas and its possible impact on the school. District Cllr Bundy said that the land for large scale house building discussed in the most recent Local Plan revision consultation did not include land in these parishes; the closest land discussed was in Crossways and to the south-east of Dorchester.

A member of the public expressed concerns about possible changes to the driveway to 46 Main Street. He had queried with WDDC whether this was compatible with the recently granted planning permission. He also expressed concerns about the state of the paving wall of 46 Main Street. This would be checked and, if necessary, reported to the county council.

17/66 Cllr Thacker reported that WDDC was changing to a Committee system of governance. He also reported that local government re-organisation for the county was being seriously delayed by the general election. A decision could not now be made until a new Minister was in place, and the matter would then have to be considered in Parliament. This made it unlikely that the changes could be achieved in 2019.

Financial Matters

(a) Financial Statement The Clerk presented the May financial statement, and drew the Council’s attention to the receipts and payments since the last meeting. It was proposed by Cllr Eaglestone, seconded by Cllr Toogood, and RESOLVED to approve payments as follows:
Payments already made
Came & Co (insurance premium) £354.89
DAPTC (annual conference fee) £60.00
Third payment to Spetisbury for hall building works £46,846.18
Payments to be made
Ricoh (photocopier click charge) £8.18
Parish Magazine Printing (annual report) £55.50
(b) It was agreed that a place should be booked for Cllr Lamb on the DAPTC course Essentials for Councillors.

Parish Plan
17/68 Cllr Eaglestone reported that of the 14 original Speedwatch volunteers, only 6 plus himself were willing to continue. It was most unlikely that the scheme would be viable with that number but he would appeal for more volunteers at the Annual Parish Meeting. The Clerk reported that she had been advised by Tara Hansford, the DCC officer dealing with the Broadmayne to Dorchester cycle track, that the project had been rolled forward into the 2017/18 budget and that she hoped to be able to report some progress shortly.

Emergency Plan
17/69 In the light of Cllr Jury’s resignation it would be necessary to find a new lead for the project. The Chairman would raise this at the Annual Parish Meeting.

Village Hall project
17/70 The Chairman reported that good progress was still being made. The new toilets would be available by the end of the week which would allow work to commence on the new kitchen. The phasing of the work to allow the hall to continue to function had worked well. Consideration was now being given to the landscaping of the grounds around the extension and the changing rooms.

Annual Parish Meeting
17/71 The Clerk reported that arrangements had been completed. The annual report had been printed and had been circulated to all households.

17/72 The following items of correspondence were noted, and any necessary actions agreed:

(i) From the Rotary Club of Dorchester: the Dorchester Marathon, 28 May 2017. The route did not pass through Broadmayne and access to the village was unaffected although roads to the north-east of the village would be affected. The Clerk would put up a map showing the route on the main notice board.
(ii) From the Director of Ironman Weymouth 2017: route of the triathlon, 17 September 2017. The route did not pass through the village but access would be affected for much of the day. The Clerk would put up a map showing the route on the main notice board.

Matters of Report

(a) The Clerk reported as follows:

(i) Traveller caravans on the ridgeway. Following receipt of reports of traveller encampments on the Ridgeway, a report had been made to the DCC Gypsy & Traveller Liaison Officer. She was aware of the situation which was being monitored. Councillors expressed concerns about ongoing problems of intimidation of path users and the Clerk was asked to raise these with the Liaison Officer.
(ii) Allotments. It was agreed that the present system of deposits should be retained.
(iii) Refurbishment of benches and notices boards. Further discussions with the contractor were being undertaken. (iv) Fitness trail annual maintenance. Arrangements were in hand for this to be undertaken.
(v) Patient Support Group. Stan Harland had resolved the bank account issue (see minute 17/17) and now had access to the funds via a new account and cheque book. He wanted to set up a small advisory group to consider how the money should be spent and would be sending a report to the Annual Parish Meeting.

(b) Chairman

(i) The Chairman reported that he had received a report that Persimmon had carried out some management works at old Brickfields copse. The Clerk was asked to make enquires of Persimmon about their future plans for the area.

(c) Councillors Cllrs Lamb and Toogood had received a report about rubbish being kept on the verge in Chalky Road. The ownership of Magna property and land in this area would be checked and, if appropriate, the matter would be reported to Magna.

Items for Next Agenda
17/74 (i) Presentation and approval of annual accounts and completion of external audit form. (ii) Honorarium for internal auditor.

Date of next meeting
17/75 The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Monday 5 June 2017 at the Methodist Church Hall at 7.30 pm.