Present Cllrs S Diamond, C Griffith, P Marriott, R Macer-Wright, and S Toogood. Mr Colin Lawley was present and co-opted as a Councillor during the course of the meeting (see minute 19/78).

In attendance Dr J Davis (Clerk), Dorset Cllr Roland Tarr and seven members of the public.

Apologies for absence
19/75 An apology for absence had been received from Cllr Lamb.

Declarations of Interest
19/76 Cllr Marriott declared an interest (as set out in the register of members’ interests) in the planning matter at minute 19/79(c)(iii).

Minutes of meeting held on 13 May 2019
19/77 The minutes of the meeting held on 13 May 2019 were approved and signed as a correct record.

Co-option of Councillor to fill vacant seat
19/78 It was proposed by the Chairman, seconded by Cllr Marriott, and RESOLVED that Mr Colin Lawley be co-opted on to the Parish Council. The new Councillor signed the declaration of acceptance of office.

Planning and Tree Matters
(a) Decisions and correspondence on previous applications
The following decision was noted: 56 Main Street: erection of porch; planning permission granted subject to two conditions.
(b) Consultations: 4 Knighton Lane: erection of three dwellings to include access and parking to rear. The Parish Council considered this application and, after discussion and hearing the views of local residents, resolved to object to the proposal on a number of grounds including the over-development of the site, the positioning within the site of the proposed dwellings, and vehicular access issues. It was also noted that the address of the proposed development was incorrect: it should have been referred to as ‘land at Knighton Lane’, not 4 Knighton Lane which was a separate dwelling, and that there had been problems downloading the relevant paperwork from the Dorset Council website. These matters would also be drawn to the attention of Dorset Council.
(c) Other planning matters The following matters (not subject to statutory consultation) were noted;

(i) 49 Chalky Road: reconfiguration of internal layout and alterations to south facing part of extension (amendment to existing planning approval).
(ii) 4 Chalky Road: two beech trees to be felled (outgrown location) and one fir tree to be felled (excessive shading); application decided; work on the beech trees refused because of their amenity value.
(iii) 14 Knighton Lane: non-material amendment to existing planning approval for the addition of windows to both gable end elevations, repositioning of main entrance door, addition of a canopy to the side entrance door and patio doors to the east elevation.

Public participation session

(i) A member of the public reported that the verge on the western side of Osmington Drove alongside the changing rooms was not being cut by Dorset Council. The Clerk was asked to investigate this.
(ii) A member of the public reported that there was a fog fouling problem on Osmington Drove. It was pointed out that this could be reported directly to the Dorset Council dog warden and that it would help her to attend problem sites if as many details as possible were provided. The Clerk would make a report.
(iii) A member of the public asked when the hedge alongside Chalky Road north of the allotment gate would be cut back. The Clerk reported that Magna had been contacted and had advised that the trees and shrubs would be cut-back by the end of the week.

19/81 Dorset Cllr Tarr reported that the Gypsy & Traveller Liaison Officer at Dorset Council was monitoring the traveller encampment on the Ridgeway, and that he had visited the site himself. Councillors expressed concern about this on-going problem within the AONB.
The Clerk reported that both she and Cllr Marriott had attended the West Knighton Village Green AGM on 14 May. Although there had been concerns that the children’s play area would have to be closed because of lack of officers and committee members, the meeting had been well attended and sufficient volunteers came forward to form a new committee. Cllr Marriott had volunteered to join the committee and the Clerk recommended that he should therefore be appointed as the Broadmayne Parish Council representative in place of her. This was agreed.

Financial Matters
(a) The Clerk had prepared the June financial statement, showing the receipts and payments since the last meeting. It was proposed by Cllr Toogood, seconded by Cllr Griffith, and RESOLVED to approve the following payments:
Payments to be made
J.Davis (salary: April/May/June) £1,167.12
HMRC (income tax on above) £ 291.60
Mr J Dickson (honorarium for internal auditor) £ 165.00
(b) 2018-2019 Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR): Governance Statement Councillors considered and then answered each question in Section 1 of the Return (Annual Governance Statement). The answers were approved, and the section signed by the Chairman and Clerk.
(c) 2018-2019 Accounts and Report of Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer, and of the internal auditor The Council received the report of the Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer in support of the 2018-2019 accounts, alongside the report of the internal auditor. The annual accounts were approved and signed by the Chairman and Clerk.
(d) 2018-2019 AGAR: Accounting Statement With reference to the 2018-2019 accounts, Councillors noted the figures in Section 2 of the return for the External Auditors. The statement was approved, and the section signed by the Chairman and Clerk.

New seats
19/83 The Clerk reported that no progress had been made on this project, pending approval of the site at the village hall from the Village Hall Management Committee (VHMC). The Playing Fields Association had no objection to the proposal. The Chairman added that the VHMC was now satisfied that there were no access issues associated with the site, although they wished to see some paving stones placed in front of the seat.

Proposed D-Day memorial in Broadmayne
19/84 Cllr Toogood reported that the information boards were being erected and that a dedication ceremony was due to take place at 10.30am on 6th June to which all were invited. Wessex Grounds Services had undertaken some tidying up work in the enclosed area in which the memorial had been erected but after discussion it was agreed that some more substantive work was needed there and that the site would be a suitable location for a further seat. The Clerk was asked to obtain an estimate for such works and to put forward a proposal for the funding of the additional seat.

19/85 The following correspondence was noted:
(i) From DAPTC: arrangements for the DAPTC AGM on 9th November. A decision on attendance would be made nearer the time.
(ii) From Dorset Council: notification of the submission consultation on the Sutton Poyntz Neighbourhood Plan. Closing date for comments was 12 July and Councillors were asked to look at the plan so that it could be considered at the July Parish Council meeting.

Matters of Report
(a) The Clerk reported on the following matters:

(i) Wild flower sowing beside the changing rooms at the playing fields The Clerk reported that Wessex Grounds Services were monitoring the situation and were of the view that dry weather at critical stages had affected the germination of the seeds and survival of the plugs. They proposed to hand weed the area to remove some of the competition and then trim back grass and other vegetation. In the longer term they suggested planting more plugs and sowing more seed in early September. The Parish Council agreed to commit up to £40 from the environmental works budget head for the purchase of additional plugs.
(ii) The Clerk had examined the consultation document “Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole and Dorset Mineral Sites Plan – Modifications to the Pre-Submission Draft Plan”. She had noted that a modification had been introduced in the context of proposed expansion to works at Moreton and Woodsford to the effect that the potential for cumulative impacts resulting from the development and working of these sites must be taken into account but she had no recommendations for comment on any of the proposed modifications.
(iii) David Eaglestone had reported that the edge-lining on the A352 at the western end of the village (including the ‘virtual pavement’ beside the church wall) was still being planned by Dorset Council officers although no timetable for its completion could be given.

(b) The Chairman reported

(i) that a resident had queried the installation of a mirror on the A352 opposite Rectory Road to aid drivers exiting Rectory Road, however he was aware that Dorset Council did not support the use of such mirrors; and
(ii) that he would be putting forward a recommendation that the Parish Council funded the regular planting of the trough in front of the war memorial, the cost of which was presently being met by voluntary contributions.

Date of next meeting
19/87 The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Monday 1 July 2019 at the Methodist Church Hall at 7.30 pm.