Reporting Problems

Bin collections

Dorset Waste Partnership are responsible for your bin collections

Click here to report a problem

Click here to look up your next collection or open your collection calendar

Reporting problems on the highway

Click here to report all sorts of problems such as: potholes and damage to the road surface, overgrown hedges next to the road or pavement, issues with roadworks on the road or pavement, street lighting failures, abandoned vehicles.

You can track you existing queries too.

Reporting problems on Rights of Way

Click here to report to Dorset Council

Reporting Street Cleaning and Litter problems (includes Fly-Tipping, Dog Fouling, etc.)

Click here to report to Dorset Council

Reporting problems with bonfires

Dorset Council’s advice is:

If your neighbours are lighting bonfires which are causing you nuisance, in the first instance, approach your neighbours and politely tell them how the bonfire is affecting you. Often, people are unaware of the way smoke is blowing and consequently, the effect it is having on you.

If after discussing the matter, the neighbour continues to light bonfires which you feel cause you nuisance, you can report the problem and we will investigate.

Thus persistent problems should be reported to Dorset Council’s Environmental Health Department.

Click here for Environmental Health’s information page

Reporting driving and other vehicle related issues

Dangerous Driving, Drink Driving, Drug Driving, Disqualified Driving

Any suspicions report by email to for the attention of Operation Dragon (or dial 101)

Road Rage, Damage to Vehicle (Fail To Stop Collisions), Theft from parked vehicle

Email to for the attention of Response Officers (or dial 101)

All Parking Issues, Abandoned Vehicles

An online form on Dorset Council’s website click here 

Vehicle suspected with no Road Tax

You can check the DVLA records on their website click here and report to the Department for Transport click here

Speeding Complaint, Careless or Inconsiderate Driving, Driving through Red Lights, One Way Systems, Ignoring other Signage (no right turn, etc), Using a Mobile Phone or similar Distracted/Not in Proper Control, No Seatbelt, No Insurance, No MOT

By email to In this casereports will be reviewed and placed on a rota for investigation/deployment dependant on the nature of the report and resources available


Dorset Police’s Non Emergency Directory

Do you have issues with parking? Noisy neighbours? Concerned with an animal’s welfare? Not sure who to contact… Then AskNED – the non-emergency directory.

Dorset Police has launched a new online knowledgebase designed to help the public find answers to common enquiries and guide them to the right agencies.

AskNED offers help and advice around a whole host of topics such as civil matters including landlord and tenant disputes, as well as criminal matters including burglary and assault. AskNED provides advice and information about what you should do and who can help.

The online service is quick and easy to use. It is an alphabetical list of topics the police commonly receive enquiries about, along with details of the agencies who can help you.

Head of Contact Management for Dorset Police, Superintendent Steve Lyne said: “I hope that AskNED will assist the public with questions they may have and divert people away from the 101 non-emergency number which will in turn provide further improvements to our service.”

Remember, it is quicker and easier to report online, however the 101 non-emergency service is available should you wish to speak to someone. If a crime is in progress or life in danger always dial 999.

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