Playing Field

Broadmayne Playing Field is situated adjacent to the Village Hall in Cowleaze Road. Pedestrian access to the children’s play area can also be gained from Chalky Road.

The Playing Field has a football pitch that provides the home venue for Broadmayne Football Club, together with a changing-room block. There is a permanent junior goalpost on the field for younger footballers. Also on the site is the well-equipped and gated children’s play area, a basketball hoop with a hard shooting circle, and a tennis court.

The Playing Field also benefits from a range of outdoor fitness equipment designed for building strength in all the muscle groups and to develop cardiovascular fitness and improve flexibility, balance and co-ordination.

The Playing Field and all its facilities are administered and maintained by the Broadmayne Playing Field Association.

Kate O’Rourke, BPFA Chairman, 07789 425515,
Rodger Williamson, BPFA Treasurer, 01305 853056,