Village Hall Concert – Saturday 2nd June

Garth Hewitt @ Broadmayne

Broadmayne Village Hall – 7:30pm – Saturday

Pre-booked tickets £10 – on the door £12 – Contact Tim Clayton 07443 659912


As part of his Against the Grain Tour in 2018, Garth Hewitt will be treating us to his unique musical style, drawing on songs from across his singing career from 1973 to the present. Garth has performed in such diverse venues as Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry, rural villages in Tamil Nadu, and Singapore’s Changi Prison, and has sung with a variety of artists including Martyn Joseph and Cliff Richard.

Garth Hewitt released his first album The Lion and the Lamb in 1973, and his latest Peace at Christmas in September 2016. In between are close to 40 others covering a wide variety of subjects and styles, including two for children and one in Spanish(!),an album of worship songs on justice Justice Like a River, and a recording of Chartist hymns from the 1840s which Garth put to music Liberty is Near!

Touring for 40 years Garth has visited areas of poverty, conflict, deprivation, and disaster, prioritizing friendships with local people and bringing them encouragement, but always returning to Europe and the US with personal stories bringing to life media headlines, keeping individual’s stories at the forefront when newspapers have forgotten, and challenging the privileged to share, and to join the protest against injustice.

Founding the human rights charity Amos Trust in 1985, Garth worked for 26 years as its Director, then handing that role on to Chris Rose while maintaining a role with Amos as Founder.

Garth passionately believes that it is always time for people of all faiths to speak up and call for justice, reaffirming the dignity, rights and value of each human being made ‘in the image of God’. As part of this passion Garth has written nine books, including his book on the theology of justice, Occupied Territories – the revolution of love from Bethlehem to the ends of the earth published in September 2014, of which Garth says, “This theology of action shows the way to a revolution of love and justice, a revolution that is relevant all around the world – a revolution of non-violence, of valuing all people as equal; it’s a call to do justice and to show the values of hope and humanity in whatever situation we find ourselves.”

Garth has recently released his autobiography.

“Garth Hewitt writes redemption songs and then sings them without fear. His
voice comes through clearly…challenging us by his witness to act for justice.
His is a brave voice, needed more than ever in a fearful world and in a
sometimes timid church. Please God, it will help us sing redemption songs of
our own.” Revd Canon Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James’, Piccadilly

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