Welcome to your new Community Website

We hope you will find the site useful. We intend it to be comprehensive in its coverage of life in Broadmayne.

Please explore it, bookmark it and return regularly.

Send us information that you would like to see and think others would like to see on the site.

We still have a few developments to implement so you will see some changes over time.

Please make good use of this community facility.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to your new Community Website”

  1. Excellent! Easy to find and very clear and uncomplicated for those of us who are more comfortable with a quill and ink well.
    Thanks to all involved.

  2. What a great website. I agree with Tina (above). Everything is clear and easy to navigate for all ages. I too would like to thank all those who give their time to sorting out things like this for everyone to benefit for. I think it brings us closer together and makes us better informed as a village community which will enable us all to attend and support events and meetings etc, and to get little nuggets of info about our beautiful village. I for one very much appreciate the time and dedication everyone has put in to setting this up. It’s a time consuming task. A very big thank you and good luck with it going forward. I’ve registered already ?


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